NYPD Officer Sues Over Lost-Pay Punishment for Wearing Pro-Trump Patch, Leaves Judge ‘Speechless’


A New York Police Department sergeant who was wearing a pro-Trump patch on duty at a Black Lives Matter demonstration in February 2021 was fired and placed on leave without pay. A pro-Trump patch he wore on duty at a Black Lives Matter protest cost him 30 vacation days. The department quickly brought the hammer down on the “offending officer”.

The “offending” patch read: “Trump Make Enforcement Great Again.” Dermot Shea, former Police Commissioner, responded to the incident with this tweet:

Members of the NYPD must be impartial. This is vital for the public’s trust and officers’ ability do their jobs.

Is that really true? We’ll be able to find out more later.

NYPD Sergeant. NYPD Sgt.

The judge asked me if my actions were appropriate. It was hilarious because I replied, “I don’t think they’re inappropriate.” I was then asked for more information by the judge. It could have been an American flag or a Dominican flag. I also explained that it could be a LGBT patch. Nobody would have noticed it or heard anything. It left him speechless, I believe.

Martillo can be described as a rational, honest American.

I have no doubt that the officer could have gone further. A “Obama Make Enforcement Better” patch that Chicago Jesus Obama wore.

Martillo, according to the New York Post, has been on the force for eighteen years. Martillo filed this suit to have her punishment reversed. Martillo claimed that she was not given a fair trial. She filed the suit this week asking for a reversal of her punishment.

Additional information is available at Post

Martillo was found guilty in an administrative trial for all four charges. These included wearing unapproved patches and expressing personal political views while on duty.

Martillo claimed, however that Martillo’s investigation was biased and politically motivated. According to Tuesday’s Manhattan Supreme Court lawsuit, Martillo claimed that the trial verdict and charges were false and were based on false facts.

Martillo claimed that she did not anticipate “the level of dishonesty or political bias that would infect the entire administrative discipline process due the total control that the mayor has over New York City Police Department and the Kangaroo Court’, in which [she] had] to defend these trumped-up charges (pardon me for my pun).

According to the filing, there were many reasons for the unfair trial. She claims the trial was unfairly supervised by the judge and that her only witness against her lied. She was also barred from giving evidence to a polygraph specialist, who would have confirmed her testimony.

Martillo did not receive a suspension or a hefty fine.

The officer was then placed under performance monitoring in November. Fox reported that Fox’s attorney explained to Fox that, even though the NYPD had reiterated its expectation of officers remaining apolitical, the NYPD hadn’t always adhered to the policy.

Terence Monahan, the former chief of the Department, sat on his knees with protesters at Black Lives Matter. This was fine. However, other chiefs and high-ranking officials were present as well. I believe it was an order from the [former] Mayor de Blasio for Terence Monahan to kneel down at the feet protesters.


Murray was correct. Murray could, while on duty, support Black Lives Matter or Gay Pride.

Show your support for Donald Trump. You will pay hell.

The bottom line

This is not about Trump. This is about Trump’s hypocrisy and double-standard bias, fear of being repercussioned for offending the left.

America is great, so we shouldn’t be double-standard.