Ohio Senate Candidate Debate Flares Up Over Great Replacement Theory as JD Vance Slams Tim Ryan


Ohio Senate candidates J.D. Vance (R), as well as venture capitalist J.D. Ryan, Rep. Tim Ryan. At Monday night’s Youngstown debate, a heated discussion erupted that quickly turned into personal insults and veiled accusations of racism.

Monday’s debate was the last before the Nov. 8 election. Ryan was asked by a moderator to discuss his views on the “Great Replacement Theory”. This conspiracy theory claims that Jewish elites organized mass immigration of nonwhite immigrants to the United States to subdue and seize power.

Democrats have tried to tie the Great Replacement Theory with conservative opposition to illegal immigration to make their opponents homophobic and racist. Ryan attempted to do the same to Vance, linking the conspiracy theory to the May massacre at Buffalo’s grocery store in Buffalo in which the perpetrator attacked an African community and accused Vance of having similar views.

“I think it’s absurd.” Ryan pointed to his Republican opponent and said that he believed it was founded in some of the most divisive writings about race history.

Vance stated, “It’s shameful to accuse me of that, given my family.”

Ryan responded with “My turn buddy,” Ryan said. “This great substitution theory was what motivated the shooting at Buffalo.” Ryan pointed out that the shooter had all the great substitution theory writings that J.D. Ryan had mentioned. Ryan also pointed out that Vance had agreed with Ryan. ”

Vance is the father of three children and the wife of Indian American Indians. He was visibly furious when Vance replied.

He said that it was disgusting. Here’s what happens to Tim Ryan and the media when they accuse me in The Great Replacement Theory. My children are targeted online and in person, by scumbags who want power. It is disgusting that they accuse me as the father to three beautiful biracial girls of being racist.

“You don’t have to hate the border to believe in it,” Vance said, gesturing towards Ryan.

Vance looked at his opponent and stated, “I know you have been in office twenty years, Tim. But I also know it’s an amazing job.” You are so desperate not to have a job, you will slander me and my family. ”

Ryan responded with a sarcastic expression that indicated he believed Ryan had hit a nerve.

WFMJ TV hosted a civil debate at Stambaugh Auditorium. Near the end, the Great Replacement Theory clash took place. Ryan, a 10-term Congressman, and Vance (a venture-capitalist, best-selling author, and venture-capitalist) answered questions about Ohio’s opioid crisis, abortion rights, and inflation.

Vance leads by two points, according to polls. Vance is running to succeed Sen. Rob Portman, a Republican-Ohio senator. Democrats have spent millions to flip the seat to increase their Senate majority.