Park Near Atlanta’s Cop City Closed After Traps Designed to Harm Families Were Discovered


After someone found booby traps in several places throughout the 140-acre Entrenchment Creek Park, DeKalb County CEO Michael Thurmond, Ga., issued an executive order on Friday. These traps included boards with spikes sticking out from them, hidden in the grass or along trails in the park. They were clearly intended to harm families who use the park every week.

The county is required to close the park until further notice in order to allow them time to remove all traps.

The construction site of the City of Atlanta’s public safety training facility is close to Intrenchment Creek Park. Terrorists from domestic have been disrupting activity and harassing contractors since the New Georgia Project was started. There has also been a shootout between police and Antifa members that resulted in one Antifa thug being killed and another Georgia State Trooper being injured in January.

Thurmond stated that “we know there are dangers in this area” and that he was afraid of other hidden traps. Thurmond spoke at a Friday press conference.

Thurmond’s refusal to allow them access to the press conference is a source of anger for domestic terrorists. He’s not stupid and knows that Antifa goons will disrupt the presser and cause more havoc than what they have already caused.

You punk, it is Entrenchment Creek Park. No matter how cutesy or downright false names you give landmarks in the region, it is still Entrenchment Creek.

“Any unauthorized person could be charged with criminal trespassing.” WSB Radio reports that unauthorized vehicles could be towed or impounded. “Anyone caught defacing signs that prohibit public access could face criminal prosecution.”

23 people were arrested earlier this month by authorities — most of them from far away Atlanta — and charged with domestic terroristic acts after a peaceful protest turned violent and destructive.

Thurmond and DeKalb County are doing a great job representing the community more than those who claim to be “the people.” These domestic terrorists must be stopped from ruining this area of the metro and sabotaging attempts to make the city more police, fire, and medical personnel.

This must be stopped immediately.