Paul Krugman Caught Red-Faced as SS Biden Continues to Sink


Many of the leftist/left-leaning columnists of the New York Times echoed the same sentiment in the aftermath of Joe Biden’s disastrous performance in the debate.

We covered some of them back then. Thomas Friedman was one of them. He wrote the infamous column in May 2022 where he talked about having lunch with Biden. He wrote, “For all of you Fox knuckleheads who claim that Biden cannot put two sentences together: Here’s a new flash: He has just brought NATO, Europe, and the entire Western alliance together.”

The past is gone, but the present is here:

Friedman is not the only Times regular whose frequent “wrongness” has made him famous. Paul Krugman – who has been referred to as an “expert” in all things economics – also had a lot of it, as we have documented.

Krugman wasn’t among the Times staffers who jumped onto the “step down bandwagon” early on. Krugman, a Biden apologist who is on par with Chuck Todd, if it’s possible to compare the two, called on President Obama in an article published on Monday to “do what is right and step aside.”

Krugman, who gushed over what a great leader Biden was and is to him, suggested that he was “damaged” goods at a moment when Trump was too big a threat for Krugman to risk losing to.

Here’s the thing. Last month’s debate was a golden chance for Biden to show the American people who he is. He could be calm and reassuring, while Trump raged. Biden failed this test.

Biden’s only hope of salvaging the situation was to make as many open-ended interviews and news conferences as possible, as quickly as possible. This would have shown that his bad evening was just a coincidence. He didn’t.

This is a mistake because Biden did in fact “let the American public see” his true self at the debate. That is why an increasing number of liberal media outlets, including the Times, as well as influential Democrats and donors, are now trying to remove Biden from the ticket.

This is an incredible turnaround, especially when you consider what Krugman wrote in February about Dear Leader:

Many voters also believe that the age of the president is a concern. There’s a difference between perception and reality. As anyone who’s spent time with Biden recently (and I’ve done so) can attest, he’s in full possession — lucid, with a great grasp of details. Biden’s campaign team must address the fact that most voters do not get to see Biden up close. He does speak slowly and quietly, but this is partly due to his lifelong struggle with stuttering. By the way, he also has a good sense of humor which is something I find important.

Krugman, as we have reported, lives in a bubble where the reality of his life is never allowed to enter. It was confirmed in the summer of 2020 when Krugman declared that the Antifa/BLM-led riots in Democrat cities like New York are “nonexistent,” because he could go running in his upper-class neighborhood in the morning without being accosted.

Months later, he reaffirmed his position and declared that “the actual residents” of the cities where rioting occurred had not experienced it.

Paul Krugman may not live in reality, but the rest of us are, and we know what he is refusing to acknowledge about the current Oval Office occupier.

The good news is that Krugman is not taken seriously by many people anymore. The bad news is he takes himself too seriously. This is why he must be pushed down when necessary. On that point, I’m happy to oblige.