Pelosi Comes After Millions of Americans for Values


One of the greatest things about Rep. Kevin McCarthy’s (R-CA), being House Speaker, is that Nancy Pelosi has been shunted aside and given much less power. If I heard her repeat “It’s the children, children, children” about a measure that would not benefit the ‘children’, I might gag. It’s hard to believe how fake she is.

Pelosi said something in the last week that I felt I had to comment upon because it is so indicative of the hypocrisy that she and the Democratic Party indulge in. It’s not a wise or good thing for a politician, even to criticize Americans. Pelosi does it anyway, not caring if she degrades millions of Americans.

Pelosi commented, “It’s interesting to see that there is a certain section of the population that will go straight for him [former president Donald Trump].” “They are people we’d never be able to get.” “They don’t share the same values as us in respecting the dignity of each person and their worth.”

Wow. It’s amazing that her tongue didn’t break off the roller when she made that statement. She’s a “Catholic”, yet she is incredibly pro-abortion. When she says that, where is her “respect for the dignity and worth of each person”? In her statement, even as she insults and denigrates other Americans who have different political views than hers? Do they want to protect the lives of others? This isn’t the same woman who couldn’t show even a basic respect to President Donald Trump in his State of the Union address — or the lives of the great Americans that he highlighted? At the end of her remarks, she infamously tore up his speech that contained these Americans’ stories. What about respecting and valuing the dignity of the people of San Francisco, which has become a city of crime with drug addicts all over the street? When will she take responsibility for this?

She may have a point. We do not share her values. They seem to be aimed at keeping the Democrats in office while allowing the country to fall into chaos. We do not target political enemies. We do not cheer on the killing of infants.

Pelosi went on to state that, while they do not share the same values as China, they must work together in order to save the world. She seems more open to working with Chinese politicians and voters than Republican politicians.

Pelosi said, “We may not have shared values but we do share a planet. We must work together with the Chinese in order to save our planet.”

They have to work with China, not with those nasty Republican voters or with those Republicans with their different values. She doesn’t seem to understand that China is indeed the largest emitter. They don’t care about “saving the planet”, they only want to benefit themselves. Pelosi’s delusion is that she believes otherwise. China benefits greatly from our decision to go down this road. Pelosi can’t keep her district safe, let alone save the planet.

Pelosi received a high rating for her audacity.