Pelosi Encourages Protesters’ in Marching Illegally in Front of Justices’ Homes


U.S. Code SS 1507 states that anyone who “pickets, parades” with the intention of “interfering with or obstructing the administration of justice or with the intent to influence any judge, jury, witness or court officer” close to a federal court or near a residence occupied by such judge juror witness or court officer will be fined or imprisoned for not more than one year or both.

It is not surprising that Joe Biden’s Department of Justice didn’t arrest anyone who tried to interfere with a Supreme Court ruling. It is also not surprising that Joe Biden’s U.S. The Marshals Service is not charged with protecting the homes of conservative justices that are in danger.

The biggest surprise is the fact that Biden did not mention prominent Democrats such as Nancy Pelosi (D.Calif.), who encourages and justifies violence against the justices.

Fox News: Pelosi, D.Calif. said that while we have witnessed and heard the anguish in our communities, she was moved by the way so many people have turned their righteous anger into meaningful action. She plans to mobilize and march to make their voices heard.

Pelosi, who also attacked Republicans in the statement over the expected ruling, said that the Supreme Court and Supreme Court were to blame. She added that Democrats would “fight relentlessly for Roe v. Wade is law of the land”

“Righteous anger,” indeed.

Pelosi stated that the goal of the Republicans is to criminalize abortion across the country. “Republican state legislators in the country are already pushing extreme new laws. They want to ban abortion completely, arrest doctors who offer reproductive care, and charge women with murder if they exercise their right of choice.”

None of these proposals have been approved by any state legislature. Pelosi is collaborating with strawmen in order to create outrage against the justices. Given the outrage that Pelosi and the other Democrats have created against the justices’, such rhetorical incendiary devices might be used to encourage some radical left crackpots to try to give Biden more Supreme Court picks.

Attorney General Merrick Garland should be concerned about this. The man who wanted to sic FBI on parents protesting school board meetings is a local matter. However, he is predictable quiet when federal judges face threats from a left-wing mob.

Fox News: Andy McCarthy, a senior fellow at National Review Institute and Fox News contributor, said that the Biden DOJ is keeping silent because of the same reasons as the White House. “They are elevating the political interest in portraying this draft Supreme Court opinion [as extreme] over their constitutional duty to execute the laws faithfully to protect both the Courts and the justices.

“I should also mention that, months ago, Attorney General Garland sent the FBI to investigate parents protesting racist and anti-American material in school curricula. Garland claimed that the Justice Department had a vested interest in protecting school administrators and teachers. McCarthy continued, “It was not true that schools were under siege. The relationship between parents and schools is a state issue and not a Federal one. Hypothetically, if a parent assaults a teacher, it would not be a State crime, but a Federal one.”

Garland is Biden’s assistant. He does the job he is told. Pelosi’s implied threats against the justices by Pelosi, claiming some anger is justifiable and should be encouraged puts the Speaker out of the acceptable range of behavior in volatile political climates.