Pelosi Swipes At McCarthy Opposition To Blank Check For Ukraine


Nancy Pelosi, the House Speaker (D-CA), said Congress will continue to provide responsible aid to Ukraine. This was in response to Kevin McCarthy (R-CA), who stated that people don’t want to continue writing “blank cheques” for Russia’s war effort.

Pelosi said that support for Ukraine was a bipartisan issue in the House and Senate, but did not name McCarthy during a press conference held in Croatia with Prime Minister Andrej Plenkovic. A number of Republicans oppose continued aid to this war-torn nation.

“It wouldn’t be [like] someone said, ‘We’re giving a blank cheque to Ukraine.’ We have never given Ukraine a blank check. “The Ukrainians have handled any assistance that we have given to them, and I’m certain you have given them, with integrity, great compliance, great accountability, and great transparency,” Pelosi said to a reporter during Monday’s remarks. So the conclusion is that we won’t be providing them with the assistance — that’s false — and that there was a blank check — this is not true. This relationship has been of great integrity for democracy around the world.

McCarthy stated last week that he does not believe voters in an economic downturn would support spending more money on a war around the globe.

McCarthy stated to Punchbowl News, “I think people will be sitting in recession and they’re certainly not going to write blank checks to Ukraine.” They won’t do it.

These comments revealed a split in his party. Senator Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY), issued a statement several days later, calling for the Biden administration’s “quicker” and “more proactive” assistance to Ukraine.

Top Intelligence Committee Republican Rep. Mike Turner, R-OH, who returned last week from a meeting with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zilensky, stated to reporters in a Monday telephone briefing that Republicans don’t oppose funding war efforts, but only massive spending bills to the funding.

“The problem with Ukraine funding support to the House is not Ukraine. He said that it’s not Ukraine that is the problem with Ukraine funding support in the House. “The wild and wild West of spending is Washington’s end-of-year funding, especially if Republicans win the House.”

Turner stated that $8 billion was made to Ukraine in a $40 Billion spending bill because “that’s how Nancy Pelosi does business.”

The House will be controlled by the Republicans following the November 8 midterm elections. This will result in an increase in spending on Democratic priorities during the lame-duck session that takes place between the election and the swearing in of the new Congress on January 3.