Personal Responsibility: The Only Answer to Student Loan Debt Issues


NAACP is “disappointed”, that the Biden Administration ended the pause on student loan payments. What a shame.

“The resolution of the debt ceiling crisis is one we wholeheartedly welcomed and we appreciate all that went into debt ceiling negotiations. However, we are disappointed that the needs of Black communities have suffered from the negotiated agreement that will erode economic progress for Black Americans,” Wisdom Cole, the NAACP’s national director of youth and college, and Derrick Johnson, the group’s president, said in the letter.

Cole and Johnson say that it’s disappointing that the closing of the racial wealth gap was not given a higher priority. The letter also states that Black borrowers default 50% more often than white borrowers.

Cole and Johnson: Let me say this first. If you accept your statements as true, what powers does the Constitution grant the Federal Government to address racial disparities in wealth, be it in student loans or anywhere else?

Biden’s Administration has been showing favoritism to different classes of student loan debtors for a while. The Biden Administration extended the suspension of student loan payments past the original cause, the COVID Crisis. But the NAACP demands more.

If the Supreme Court does not uphold student loan debt relief, Black America is going to demand that your Administration investigate all legal avenues in order to find a solution that respects the contribution made by student loan borrowers while making higher education more affordable. This would also stop the cycle of Black borrowers being pushed further into poverty as they attempt to take advantage of the opportunities that this country offers.

What is Black America? Someone famously said that I thought there was only one America. The NAACP’s divisive language can be addressed at a later date.

It is best to get the federal government out of the education financing business. This massive investment has driven up the cost. There is also no accountability for the dollars. There is no accountability for these dollars. The education system has been failing in this area for a long time.

They are responsible for their actions, they are responsible for the consequences, and that’s it. The students are accountable for their actions and for the consequences.

It is important to note that this moral issue is not discussed by the White House or the halls of Congress.

In other words, I, as a taxpayer, will be made responsible for the debts of a student, who signed a contract, who accepted responsibility, and who has evaded that responsibility. Maybe they made poor choices, such as pursuing an “X-Studies” degree that prepares them for no career imaginable. Maybe their expectations are unrealistic, and they aren’t considering entry-level jobs. Maybe their academic performance was poor, and their transcript is limiting their options.

It was the contract signers, not the taxpayers, who signed the contract. Their debts, not the taxpayers, are responsible for their actions. Not the taxpayers, but the decision-makers are responsible for their consequences. Taxpayers are not liable for their decisions.

I’ve always paid my debts. What’s wrong with expecting others to do the same?