Peter Doocy Wins Another Round of ‘Stump the Press Secretary’ During Daily Briefing


It’s hard to watch Fox News White House correspondent Peter Doocy retire as press secretary in the Biden administration. Monday was no exception.

We reported that Doocy was one of the most persistent members of the White House’s press corps regarding Joe Biden’s classified documents scandal. This situation got worse over the weekend, when more documents, including some from Joe Biden’s time in the Senate, were found at Doocy’s Wilmington, Delaware residence, despite Karine Jean Pierre, press secretary, repeatedly telling Americans that the search was complete.

Doocy again asked Jean-Pierre a series of questions about Monday’s press briefing. She struggled to give coherent answers to each one. Jean-Pierre is used to this, but it was a new phenomenon for her. She seemed more confused than usual, which is not surprising given that she is the face of the administration.

Doocy asked his first question, perhaps knowing that Jean-Pierre would have to be even more creative to come up with excuses for Saturday’s news. He then asked her what “four letter word” she said when she found out that more documents were being discovered. The question took her by surprise and she laughed. He asked her to confirm that Biden intended to run again for president.

Doocy asked her if she knew of any precedents for someone running to be president after the FBI had searched their home. KJP evaded Doocy’s question, but Doocy pointed out to her how important it was for the FBI to search a president’s home. She eventually switched to talking about Biden’s work for American citizens, yada!

Doocy also noted that James Comer, Chairman of the House Oversight Committee, said that what was going on now had “all the makings for a possible cover-up.” Jean-Pierre then paused and asked Jean-Pierre her usual answer. She lied to say that Biden takes this “very seriously”.

One had me feeling sorry for Biden’s press secretary, considering the content they work with. They signed up for the job knowing exactly what they would be doing, so they are entitled to these kinds of grillings each time they take the podium. It is just too bad they get paid every day with our tax dollars.