Petition Calls for Free Extra Seats and Other Accommodations for Plus-Size Air Travelers

356 has a petition asking airlines to offer free extra seats for large passengers.

The petition was posted by Jae’lynnchaney, a “plus-size” blogger and content creator. It calls on the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) to require airlines to implement policies that accommodate larger passengers.

The FAA should require that all airlines implement a customer-of-size policy, which prioritizes comfort and safety for all passengers. The petition states that this policy should include guidelines for accommodating larger passengers. These include providing larger seats, belt extenders, and alternative seating arrangements.

The document outlines various policies to accommodate large flyers such as providing free extra seats or refunds to passengers who purchase extra seats.

The petition stated: “Provide additional seats accessible to all plus-size passengers. All plus size passengers should receive an extra seat or two or three depending on their sizes, in order to meet their needs and provide comfort during the flight.” Airlines should refund plus-size passengers for purchasing additional seats on their own. It should be an easy process, which can be accessed via the internet or customer service.”

The petition states that “Airlines should create set policies, standards, and procedures for plus size travelers and communicate these in a way that is clear, accessible and easy to understand.” The petition states that this should include information about booking extra seats, requesting refunds, and what to anticipate during check-in and boarding.

The report also calls for larger restrooms to be available and demands that the FAA require new aircraft to include a wheelchair-accessible toilet.

The petition also states that airlines should provide accommodations for large passengers such as bigger bathrooms, seatbelt extenders, or alternative seating arrangements. As petitioners, we also call on the FAA to mandate that every new aircraft have at least one accessible wheelchair restroom.

Chaney addressed cost concerns in a message.

Chaney, via email to Fox News, said that it was difficult to give a universal answer to the question about who would pay for the policies mentioned. She said that it was clear the mistreatment of plus-size passengers and their discrimination is unacceptable. The airline industry is responsible for providing a comfortable, safe, and inclusive environment to all passengers, regardless of their size.

She told the outlet that many airlines oversell seats, which leaves seats available for passengers with extra room. “Implementing policies for plus-size travelers may have associated costs. But these costs should be weighed against benefits such as creating a more inclusive and welcoming travel experience.”

According to Fox, Chaney said that the government could also have a role in financing or incentivizing such policies as part of their responsibility to promote equitable and accessible transportation for all citizens. “The question of who pays for these policies shouldn’t be an obstacle to action,” Chaney said, according to Fox.


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