Philly Mayor Uses Tragic Murder of Police Officer to Push Gun Control


Jim Kenney, Philadelphia Mayor (D), stated Tuesday that gun control support is necessary for law enforcement officers.

Kenney used the opportunity to present a narrative suggesting that Fitzgerald’s death was caused by lenient gun laws at a press conference on the Temple University shooting of Christopher Fitzgerald.

Kenney stated, “You can’t say you support the blue. But if you don’t support gun control and gun access, you don’t back the Blue.”

He declared, “We owe it to them to stop this nonsense” and to end the tragedy.

It is too easy to get weapons in our state or in our region. He also stated that too many confrontations turn into fatal encounters like an argument over parking spaces. We are facing an uphill battle, but it doesn’t have to be that way. I will continue to push for sensible gun reforms in the state that will protect our citizens, including those who have taken an oath to protect the peace.

Fitzgerald was shot dead on Saturday after he tried to stop several teens wearing dark clothes and masks in an area that has been plagued by carjackings and robberies. After a chase ensued, Fitzgerald was shot by one of the teens.

Miles Pfeffer, 18, was later arrested by police for the murder.

Kenney is known for using tragic events to promote gun control.

Kenney stated that America should adopt Canada’s gun control laws after two police officers were killed during Independence Day celebrations in 2011.

It was a relaxed, chilled day. The weather was perfect. After the incident, Kenney stated that the concert was “beautiful.” “But we live and breathe America, and we have the Second Amendment.” “We also have the Supreme Court of the United States allowing everyone to carry a gun anywhere they like.” “It’s almost like Dodge City.”

“I was in Canada two weeks ago; never thought about a gun. The only people I knew who had guns in Canada were police officers,” he continued.

Kenney demanded, “That’s how it should be.”