Plant-Based Diet: A Boon for Your Body and Mind?


I once read that every strip of bacon one eats takes five minutes off one’s life. If that were true, I’d have died in 1863.

It’s possible to overdo something. That’s obvious. Another tiresome study has been released, once again attempting to drain the life’s joy. The study this time suggests that you give up eggs and bacon for beans. This is a little too much, especially with Thanksgiving just a few short days away.

The review was published in BMC Medicine on November 16, analyzing the results of 37 previous studies. Its findings “emphasize potential health benefits of incorporating more plants-based foods into your diet,” Sabrina Schlesinger said, the head of the systematic research group at German Diabetes Center, Dusseldorf.

Researchers from several German institutions, including Schlesinger the senior author of the paper, worked together on the paper. They claim that this is the first systematic study to examine a range of health outcomes associated with switching animal-based foods for plant-based foods.

Each person should be free to choose their own diet and act accordingly. Eating meat is part of being human. The very first cooperative behavior in humans was probably hunting. This requires communication, cooperation, and a planning capacity, both for the hunt and for what to do if something unexpected happens. For example, “Groog if auroch runs towards trees instead of the prairie, take Ugg, Urg and pursue back,” is an example.

The fact that the vegans here are all German is really fascinating. I lived in Germany and, while I loved German food, I remember traditional German dishes to contain a lot more meat. It’s hard to imagine a better experience than sitting at an outdoor table in Heidelberg overlooking the Neckar River, eating a large plate of schnitzel with a cold pilsener. That was an experience I thoroughly enjoyed and would like to repeat.

The researchers are all advocates but there is always someone who has to go to the criminal level. Animal rights activists, who promote veganism, will commit crimes in order to “liberate”, livestock that usually die quickly. This is not only cruel, but it’s also a wasteful use of protein.

The article above emphasizes the importance of extra nutrition scrutiny when adopting plant-based eating habits.

Mellor (Registered Dietician Duane), told CNN that anyone considering becoming vegetarian or vegan must also ensure their diet includes enough iron, iodine, and vitamin B12, as well as vitamin D.

A healthy diet is one that includes a variety of foods. Meat can be a healthy and balanced part of a diet. It is delicious and provides all the nutrition one needs. My grandfather used to say that every cat has its own rat.

You know, free speech is okay. They can eat their greens and I can eat a cheeseburger. This is what we call liberty. After all, people can’t survive on grass. There is a method that has been used for many years to convert grasses like prairie grass into delicious protein. The cow is the answer.