Pollster Indicates Republicans Are More Energized Than Democrats by Leaps and Bounds


The Democrats have repeatedly fucked themselves to the point that their chances of coming out of the midterms with dignity intact are now unlikely.

The New York Post reports that JMC Analytics and Polling collected data during primaries in different states and discovered that Republicans outnumbered Democrats when it came time to participate in the political process.

According to JMC Analytics & Polling data, 54.9% of turnout in Idaho and North Carolina, Oregon, Kentucky, and Pennsylvania was recorded by Republican voters as of Wednesday midday.

This figure rises to 60.9% when all the states that have held primaries this year are included.

John Couvillon, the founder of JMC Analytics, stated that he has seen a clear advantage for the Republican side in every state where he’s measured turnout changes relative to past midterms. He also said that it was the opposite of what happened in 2018 when Democrats gained 41 seats.

Republicans shouldn’t be discouraged. In the past, Republicans were more likely to vote first than Democrats and had higher numbers. There are 173 days before voters go to the polls. However, Couvillon says that “States which are swinging and are Republican will move far to right”.

More numbers suggest a huge red wave that will sweep the country. Overall, turnout has increased by 13 percent compared to 2018, with a 30% increase in Republican turnout. However, Democrats are down six percent. In some states, Democrat turnout actually increases, but it is so outpaced in many cases by Republicans that the increase is negligible.

Oregon is the only state where Republican voter turnout dropped between 2018 and the other 10 states that have had primaries. JMC reported a 23% drop. While Democratic voter turnout rose by 12% in North Carolina, and by 15% in Pennsylvania respectively, it was dwarfed in both states by Republican increases of 44% & 32%.

In the former battleground state, Ohio, Democratic turnout fell 29% from four years ago.

Where have all the Democrats gone? Are they so disappointed in the Democrats that they decided to not vote?

It could be, but an economic downturn is what will drive party loyalists to vote for the opposing side. Democrats have seen one of the worst economic times in modern history. People seem to have less interest in the Democratic Party the more they try to blame others for it.

Moreover, polling done in May earlier shows that a majority of Americans are concerned about the rising inflation under Democrat control. Worse, most believe that the Republicans have the knowledge to fix it.

It’s possible that many Democrats show up to vote, but they are voting for Republicans.