Polyamorus, Gender-Fluid, & Witch Preschool Teacher is Teaching 4 Year Olds Craziness


Left-wing media claims that American teachers aren’t teaching children about sexuality and gender identity. Teachers who teach all these subjects continue to openly admit that they do so.

Lois Schwartz is a preschool teacher who doesn’t just say it. In a TikTok video, posted by Libs on TikTok to twitter, he/she brags about it. The video was made by The Post Millennial and features left-wing craziness.

I thought you were crazy to teach my children about being poly! They know that I am gender-fluid and they are too! Last summer, I explained that I was not Miss Lois or Mr. Lois. I explained that my pagan nature also means that I am a witch.

It’s nice to bring up the pagan witches right before Halloween. A normal four-year-old growing up in a traditional family would not be confused by this “crazy”. Lois boasted of how “woken” his/her students were. A teacher told a group of young children untold stories about their parents and how to behave.

I was ready to go when I got my hair done. When I arrived at work, one of my children asked me: “Lois, are you a boy?” “Your hair is very short”. His sister said, “No, Lois is a girl.” My favorite third child shouts suddenly, “No boys! We’re done with this.” Lois is not a boy or a girl. Lois, however, is a witch.

Yippee Lois. Some of his/her students are less fortunate.

A Post Millennial was told anonymously by Libs of TikTok creators that he or she believed that the American education system had been overthrown (of course it has) and that it is in decline (see: teacher unions, arrogant leftist schools boards).

The American education system is now under the control of leftists. In the last few years, it has been completely taken over.

We are witnessing a push for the woke agenda. These leftists are integrating the sexual stuff, critical racism theory, and other anti-American propaganda into their schools.

Yes. Let us get to the bottom:

I have stated repeatedly that I don’t care or mind what rational adults think or do behind closed doors.

We beg you to spare us from preaching these beliefs and practices. Please stop being selfish and encourage others to program, even the most innocent, for the good of America and God’s sake.

Fluid Lois is, as I said at the top, not the first time we’ve heard of left-leaning efforts in programming young children.