Pregnant Nurse in Viral Bike Incident Provides Evidence of Innocence Against Racist Accusations


The pregnant nurse, who has been called a racist on social media by some for an altercation caught in a viral clip, has provided receipts that prove her innocence.

In the video, a woman in scrubs fights to keep a bicycle she rented. The young black man claims that he rented it first.

Users on social media condemned the woman’s video, which appeared to show her tearing up and then moving forward after she had complied with a group’s request.

This video was uploaded to the Instagram account of attorney Ben Crump. It has received thousands or even millions of views.

This is unacceptable. “A young Black man tried to steal a Citi Bike from a woman in NYC. She weaponized tears to make him look dangerous. This is exactly what has put many Black men in danger in the past!”

New York City Health + Hospitals put the nurse on leave, and issued a press statement calling the video “disturbing”.

The New York Post reported Thursday that they examined receipts provided to them by her attorney in order to confirm Sarah Jane Comrie’s version of events. Justin Marino alleged that his client Sarah Jane Comrie was six months pregnant.

Two receipts showed that Comrie paid twice for the Citi Bike just minutes apart. According to her lawyer, Comrie paid for the Citi Bike following a 12-hour shift at work but was then approached by five individuals, including the man who claimed to have already paid for the bike.

Her lawyer said that she claimed the group forced her into buying a new bicycle and that they were pressuring her. The receipts are proof.

Marino said to WCBS-TV the entire story of her stealing the bicycle was manifestly incorrect.

Do You Really Think That a Pregnant Woman Would Just Jump on a Young Man’s Bicycle and Scoot Off? he added.

Marino described the incident as “appalling”, and Crump, along with others, falsely claimed racism was to blame.

Here is the viral video of Citi Bike –