Pro-Hamas Mob Causes Destruction and Takes Over Christmas Tree Lighting


In the ongoing effort to make life as painful as possible for normal Americans, pro-Hamas protesters took over the annual Christmas tree lighting in downtown Seattle on Sunday. A large group of terrorist supporters flying Palestinian flags and carrying banners marched down 5th Avenue, stopping in front of the tree to prevent families from enjoying the event.

The mob, as disgusting as it was, could have continued marching. It was not necessary for them to stop and seize the area where they were lighting the Christmas trees. They did it for one purpose: to destroy your culture and make it as painful as possible.

They do not want to allow people to attend an event that is centered around a Christian holiday. They don’t wish for families to be able to gather in an idyllic downtown to celebrate a Christian holiday. They want to dominate. They want to tear the heart out of America’s traditions while projecting their power.

In their mind, they are invincible. They are preeminent and others don’t matter. They have the right to block a Christmas tree’s lighting, and anyone who disagrees is just bigoted. You don’t rule. They do.

Why would they think otherwise? Police do not enforce laws against these pro-Hamas mobs. They coddle these mobs, allowing the chanting of genocidal slogans to threaten other people and block traffic. The nation’s institutions and politicians offer direct support. Counter-protesters, on the other hand, are treated much more harshly and even suspended from work for criticizing Hamas.

It always begins this way. It all starts with the shutting down of Christmas tree lighting and ends with the complete destruction and dominance of culture. Either Americans take a stand to say “Enough is enough” or they continue to watch as their once-cherished values are trampled on and destroyed. Culture wars are not won by default. You can only win culture wars by fighting against them.