Critics Slam UAE’s Climate Summit as “Oil and Gas Jamboree”


The United Arab Emirates (UAE) will be hosting this year’s Conference of the Parties, or COP28, where it’s expected that there will be a lot of carbon-bashing going on throughout the climate conference that will run from November 30 to December 12.

No one told the UN that the UAE was a major fossil fuel producer. If organizers did so, they probably didn’t give much thought to the wonderful opportunity that the UAE has to sell its gas and oil.

The Center for Climate Reporting has uncovered documents that show the UAE will use the climate conference to fatten up the royal family’s bank account by striking advantageous deals with countries that are promising to reduce their carbon emissions.

Say it ain’t so.

The documents contain many points about the Abu Dhabi National Oil Co. Sultan Ahmed al-Jaber, the CEO of ADNOC and president-designate for COP28, is also ADNOC. It seems that the UAE leadership never considered the possibility of a conflict of interest with Sultan al-Jaber, despite the fact that some very dedicated green supporters object to his appointment as the president of the conference.

The Hill:

On a page about China, it states “We are willing [to jointly evaluate] international [liquified gas] opportunities”, and specifically mentions Mozambique.

In the documents, which include the logo for the global climate conference and other ADNOC-related information, it is stated that ADNOC has “identified Brazil as a country of strategic investment.” It also states that “securing the highest level of endorsement” for an upcoming deal to purchase a Brazilian petrochemical firm “is very important for us.”

Documents also mention as possible discussion points, the UAE’s willingness to trade liquefied gas with Mexico and the desire of the state-owned oil company to expand its existing trade with Kenya.

These climate warriors, who are trying to save the planet, don’t see the irony in a country producing fossil fuels using a conference to end fossil fuels as a way to sell even more fossil fuels.

It’s also racist to bring up such trivial details.

CBS News reports that Al-Jaber is a hypocrite, as he has made several speeches in different countries “to encourage them to be as ambitious with their climate goals as possible.”

UNFCCC said that COP presidents “are expected to act without bias or prejudice, and with a clear, fair, and independent judgment, based solely on their own interests, preferences, self-interests, or deference,” according to the BBC. They are also required to make sure that their personal beliefs and views do not interfere with or appear to interfere with their role as a UNFCCC officer.

Michael Jacobs, a professor from Sheffield University in England who focuses his research on U.N. Climate Politics, told BBC that the COP28 Team’s actions appeared “breathtakingly hysterical.”

We see it all the time with the climate mafia. China and Russia are among the “do what I say, but not as I do!” crowd. They don’t give a damn about other nations. I’m sure the UAE will not care about other nations when it comes to selling oil and gas.