Pro-Hamas Protesters Disrupt Rosalynn Carter’s Memorial Service With Anti-Israel Chants


Just when you think these people can’t go any lower, they continue burrowing further into imbecility. In an absurd display of political opportunism, pro-Hamas protesters chose the memorial service of former First Lady Rosalynn Carter to stage their latest demonstration advocating for Israel to stop its ground assault in Gaza to eradicate Hamas.

The memorial held at the Glenn Memorial United Methodist Church, Atlanta on Tuesday, was disrupted. Several individuals were holding signs, chanting phrases such as “Biden Biden, don’t try to hide.” We charge you with genocide!

Signs read “Stop all U.S. Aid to Israel” and new “Ceasefire!” Stop Biden and Israel’s genocide.

The protesters hoped to attract the attention of Joe Biden who was at the memorial. The anti-Israel lobby is staging many protests across the country. Anti-Israel activists invaded Los Angeles over Black Friday, in an attempt to disrupt shoppers’ shopping.

This group’s presence at a memorial shows how depraved they are. Westboro Baptist Church has engaged in the same behavior despite criticism from the same types of people who attended Carter’s memorial service.

Even more shocking is the fact that Jimmy Carter, former president of the United States, is not involved in this war between Israel and Hamas. He was once a strong supporter of Palestinians and sought to achieve a two-state solution. This not only reveals how despicable they are, but also their ignorance of the history behind the conflict.

These people don’t seem to have a good grasp of the world of politics and influence. They would have known that this kind of behavior would not win new supporters for their cause. This footage will not make anyone think, “Oh my gosh, they protested outside Rosalynn’s Carter memorial.” “I guess I hate Jews and Israel now.”

This conduct is only going to turn people away. They have convinced themselves that by tearing down posters of Israeli hostages taken by Hamas cursing Jews during their marches or even engaging in violent acts, they will somehow make a difference. If they cared for the Palestinians, which is evidently not the case, they would have found better ways to convince the public.

As I have said in an earlier article, the pro-Hamas lobby is full of feckless bullies. They are cowards, who think they can bully the public to help them advance their agenda.

This display is damaging to their cause. While no one likes seeing people protesting at someone’s funeral, it will damage the movement. Napoleon Bonaparte said it best: “Never interrupt an enemy who is making a misstep.”