Protesters Harass Kavanaugh and Other at Diners and Restaurant in Troubling Escalation


Joe Biden’s Department of Justice seems to be ignoring the threat to Supreme Court Justices.

Justice Brett Kavanaugh was the target of an attempted assassination last month at his home. Protesters continue to demonstrate outside the homes and offices of justices who overturned Roe V. Wade last month.

The DOJ is not trying to stop illegal protests. They have not taken action against vandalism, firebombings, or other threats.

The safety of the justices seems secondary to them. This attitude evidently flows down from the top of the Biden Administration. Despite a dismissive response from the White House to Kavanaugh’s attempt to rebut it, Biden didn’t issue a formal statement. He did not condemn the incident. The White House has not attempted to calm the situation. Jen Psaki, a former White House Press Secretary encouraged protests at the residences of the justices even though they were illegal.

Another incident occurred

Justice Kavanaugh was dining at Morton’s The Steakhouse in Washington, D.C. on Wednesday night when someone tip-off radical leftist protesters. According to the restaurant, they arrived at the restaurant to harass him. Politico reports that they called the manager and demanded Kavanaugh be kicked out of the restaurant. They refused to change their stances for the safety of their customers.

According to the restaurant, “Honorable Supreme Court Judge Kavanaugh and all our other patrons at Morton’s restaurant were unduly harassed” by unruly protestors. No matter your political views, politics should not interfere with the freedom to gather and eat dinner. There is a place and time for everything. It was selfishness and decency to disturb the meal of all our customers.

Kavanaugh was forced to leave out the back door of the restaurant in order to avoid being radicalized.

It would seem reasonable to assume everyone would condemn harassment of a Supreme Court justice regardless of political views. But, many left-leaning media supporters and others have taken advantage of this opportunity to attack Kavanaugh.

Here is Andy Campbell’s A Senior Editor at Huffington Post, Campbell defends harassment and mocks Kavanaugh.

“Regular old protesters” who target justices where they eat and in their homes. Does Andy know about the assassination attempt, the threats, and the firebombings?

Morton’s is now being attacked by the left with anger.

Graphic Warning:

This protesting group takes direct action in D.C.

We reported on the alleged comedy act of Samantha Bee encouraging people to harass Justice Samuel Alito to prevent him from eating in peace for the rest of his life.

Biden and the Democrats should be encouraging people to stop doing such things.