Radical Gender Ideology Adherents Claim to Experience Gender Euphoria by Using Voice Filter Feature on TikTok


TikTok allows users to apply voice filters on videos. This feature is being praised by radical leftist gender ideology supporters.

According to NBC News, Kloe Rose, a transgender woman, said that she filmed a video and felt the gender euphoria rush through her after hearing herself speak in a feminine tone. It’s something I never imagined I would experience. Rose stated that the filter allows individuals to “disguise” their natural voices and gives them confidence in being able to control how they appear on social networks.

@glowlikekloe Wow I’m actually in love with it 😭 #voicefilter #trans #fyp ♬ original sound – Kloe Rose

According to NBC News, a feminine-sounding “Jessie” filter provides the same voice as that used for a text/to-speech feature of TikTok.

Ann Rios stated that “it’s a little strange because [Jessie] isn’t your feminized voice… but looking back, it’s mine voice and my face and it matched perfectly,” according to the outlet.

NBC News reported that Kel, a nonbinary person, requested to be identified by a nickname because she was afraid for her safety. She stated that the voice filter feature provided a “moment of gender euphoria”

Kel stated, “Hearing it sound like I was born a man was very appealing for me.” “My voice is not something I believed could be improved.” “But the filter proved me wrong.”

Transgender people can seek speech therapy and even have their voices altered surgically. Transgender voice therapy and operation, also known as gender-affirming voice treatment, is a method to assist transgender people in adapting their voices to communicate with others who are the same gender. According to the Mayo Clinic, treatments can alter vocal characteristics and nonverbal communication patterns. Surgery to alter the pitch might be possible in some cases.