Rainn Wilson Slams Oliver Anthony’s ‘Rich Men North of Richmond’ Lyrics


No matter what anyone else says, “The Office”, is the best sitcom that has ever been written. Nothing, and I mean nothing, will convince me otherwise. It’s impossible for another show to replace or surpass it. This is the pinnacle of comedy brilliance. Period. The case has been closed. You’re wrong if you disagree. Objectively.

Rainn Wilson played Dwight K. Schrute in the series, and he was without doubt one of the most memorable characters. As is true of most thespians and other professionals, he is a staunch liberal. Some of you may have read this word and thought I was referring to lesbians. I am not. A thespian actor is a thespian. You need to get your head out of the gutter.

Wilson’s progressive ideologies were on display recently when he spoke about Oliver Anthony’s smash country hit, “Rich Men North of Richmond”, which has been a huge success in America because it has obliterated liberal politicians and elites. The “Office” actor, however, said that he would have written the song in a different way than Anthony had he done it.

Anthony’s song criticized the “obese dairyin’ welfare”. It also said that “if you are five feet three and 300 pounds, you shouldn’t pay taxes for your Fudge Rounds.”

Rainn Wilson said that he would rather have targeted super-rich CEOs and corporations that do not pay taxes than obese people who are on welfare. He also criticized the way billionaires were shielded from taxation. Wilson’s support for wealth redistribution is evident. He believes that the government should be the one to help those who are in need.

Rainn Wilson said in a blog post on X (formerly Twitter) that if he were to write a song on ‘rich men North of Richmond’, he would not sing about obese people who are on welfare. Instead, he would sing about CEOs making 400 times the average worker’s salary.

This post attracted a lot of attention from users of the platform. This is often the case when someone posts something controversial and absurd.

Dean Cain wrote: “Sounds as if @rainnwilson is upset with those who make tax policies… Who makes tax policies?” Dean Cain was best known for playing Superman in the 1990s hit series “Lois & Clark – The New Adventures of Superman.”

Chris Loesch responded, the husband of gun rights activist and political commentator Dana Loesch.

Ashley St. Clair responded: “Perhaps, your $16 million in net worth clouds this. But when people look left and right to find neighbors with whom to fight the system, & see instead welfare-addicted pigs who won’t resist a system which is drugging them mentally, physically + financially, you write Rich Men North Of Richmond.” You should probably stick to singing instead of acting. Oliver Anthony, who is currently #1 on the charts has obviously spoken to those he wants to reach, and I’m sure he did not have you in his mind.

Anthony’s point is that there are many able-bodied people on welfare, who don’t even try to improve their situation. They just take it easy and get fat off the hard-working Americans’ paychecks. It’s high time we started calling out these people and putting pressure on them, or even shaming them, to get up and go to work.

It’s not possible to achieve this if they are allowed to enjoy luxury items, without them having to work for them. This is an entitlement, and it destroys both the economy and culture of a civilized community. Rainn Wilson and others who support an expanded welfare state seem to have a hard time understanding this.