Real Estate CEO In Major Democrat City Says He Can’t Convince Clients to Buy Due to Unmitigated Crime


Despite all the talk of improving lives, Democrat Cities are known for having the worst living conditions in America. One particular city is a great example of how bad a city can become under leftist control.

We have covered San Francisco for many years. It was once the crown jewel of California, but it is now a tax-plagued, drug-infested, and crime-ridden example of how to run a city. Because the city has its own “poop map”, the homeless can use the open spaces to urinate wherever they want.

Fox Business reports that the CEO of a realty company claims that it is difficult to convince potential clients to buy or move to San Francisco. After being robbed at gunpoint in front of his home, he wrote a letter.

He wrote, “It is difficult for me now to tell potential applicants that they should move to San Francisco.” “We pay the highest taxes in the country, both local and state, but we don’t feel secure.”

“Protecting the public safety should be the top priority of the government — it is the foundation for a successful city.” Culture and jobs will only flourish in communities where everyone feels safe.

Moghadam is also a member of the Bay Area Council’s board of directors. He said he was “deeply worried” that the city had “so far down the path to decline that we may not be able to recover, or at least not for a very long, long time.”

After the Democrat Party’s “defund the cop” trend, San Francisco was among the cities that enthusiastically cut funding for its police force. They begged for funding to restore their PD’s funding due to skyrocketing crimes not long afterward.

San Francisco is not the only California city that has gone from beauty to beast. The Democrat leaders in California’s major cities are often slaves to radical trends. They adopt crime-increasing and economy-destroying policies that mask compassion governing and lots of virtue signaling.

Californians are fleeing to Texas in large numbers. Major companies are also leaving the state, taking with them more people. California Governor Gavin Newsom tried to blame Trump’s policies for this phenomenon when he was asked directly. This is clearly a fabrication.

Although California’s exodus has been occurring for many years, it was COVID-19 policies that triggered an actual exodus. California’s out-of-control crime, high living costs, and irrational leadership make it an extremely difficult state to live in, but easy to avoid.