Renowned ‘Bar Rescue’ Host Jon Taffer Issues Stark Warning About Restaurant Industry’s State


The summer is expected to be a record-breaking season for restaurants. “Bar Rescue’s” Jon Taffer warns of a shortage of workers, a problem that is being addressed by artificial intelligence and robotics.

Since April, we have hired more than 900,000. There’s still a lot to do, but we expect record-breaking travel this summer. Record hotel occupancy. The restaurant industry is booming. But we are challenged by the fact that we need more people to fill all of the orders we receive,” explained the TV star to Stuart Varney.

Taffer, who appeared on Varney & Co. Monday night, attended the National Restaurant Association Convention. The convention was heavily focused on robotics and automation.

In my restaurant, we use it more for pricing and purchasing. Now I’m in a SkyTab kiosk. It’s all about new transactional technology that links third parties, like DoorDash or Uber Eats, into the P.O.S. Taffer said.

“Frequency, credit card, and all of these programs are now connected in one system. Then robotics is huge. Wendy’s will soon launch in Europe a chatbox program with automated ordering. They’re already going nuts.”

Wendy’s announced as Taffer pointed out, a new partnership. Pipedream is a company that developed an autonomous underground robot system, capable of delivering digital food orders in seconds from the kitchen to the parking space.

Wendy’s stated in a recent press release that the goal is to make pick-ups faster and easier.

Wendy’s is the first fast-food restaurant to use Pipedream’s technology. But it’s not likely to be the last.

Varney believes that artificial intelligence is viewed as a threat to humanity. Taffer believes that A.I. is a necessity, given the shortage of workers. As a game changer, A.I. will increase profitability.

We can’t find employees to do the job, so we need to solve the issue. Taffer concluded that if we can’t fix it with employees then we will go to automation.