Rep. Anna Paulina Luna Alleges FBI Is Afraid Their Informant Will Be Killed if Unmasked


Rep. Anna Paulina Luna, R-FL, posted an unexpected but short tweet on Monday afternoon.

Just left the meeting for House Oversight. She wrote that the @FBI fears their informant, who has provided information about the Bidens’ family, will be murdered if he is unmasked.

She sent out another tweet an hour and a quarter later:

She wrote: “According the @FBI Biden was VP in a $5 million dollar bribery with a foreigner,” in this letter.

RedState reported previously that an FBI informant had provided information regarding the involvement of then-vice-president Biden in a criminal corruption scheme. FBI Director Chris Wray repeatedly refused to provide a FD-1023 form that could shed more light on these allegations. James Comer, House Oversight Chairman (R-KY), said this Monday following a meeting with the FBI.

Officials from the FBI confirmed that the FBI-generated unclassified record had not been disproven, and was currently being used as part of an ongoing investigation. The FBI has used the confidential source for more than 10 years, and paid him over six figures.

Comer will file contempt charges against Wray on Thursday for refusing to cooperate with the Committee.
Luna spoke out about the corruption that is alleged to be taking place in the White House when she appeared on “Sunday Morning Futures With Maria Bartiromo”.

Over the past couple of months House Oversight and the staff who help us with the investigations have proven that we are able to produce evidence. Before, there was speculation about the Ponzi scheme and the influence peddling as well as the personal enrichment for the Bidens. Now we are finding that these allegations have been dropped and we are building a case.

Maria, I believe, if what we are seeing is true – and I believe it is – that Joe Biden received bribes, as well as Hunter Biden, then this would be grounds for impeachment. It’s vital that we move forward and continue to inform the American public about this, but I also believe that we should do some housecleaning at the DOJ, because, as you stated, the FBI protects the Hunter Biden Family. This is not acceptable.

The Department of Justice, along with Democrats in Congress, pursued the former President Donald Trump for years on the basis of thin evidence that was almost entirely based on lies and incorrect assumptions. There is highly credible information here that the DOJ, FBI and others are trying to conceal in order to protect Biden.

If Luna is right, and the FBI says it fears for the informant’s safety, then it sounds like Wray is trying to find an excuse not to provide the information Comer wants. This raises another question: who are they worried would assassinate an informant? And why aren’t they pursuing those threats? Why shouldn’t the Justice Department of the world’s most powerful country be able protect witnesses?