Rep. James Comer Secures Two Whistleblowers, Former Partners Of Biden Family


Rep. James Comer (R.KY) stated Thursday that two whistleblowers would be willing to assist Republicans in investigating the Biden family business schemes if the House regains control.

Whistleblowers may be able to expose the extent to the which President Joe Biden was involved with the family business. Hunter was contacted by a voicemail that directly contradicted his claims.

Comer, the House Oversight Committee’s top Republican, stated that Hunter’s former business associates were the whistleblowers. They were involved in the Biden family business plan that allowed an energy company tied to the Chinese Communist Party to purchase American natural gas.

Hunter was part of the CEFC (a Chinese energy company that is linked to CCP). Hunter was a part of the CEFC, a Chinese energy company linked to CCP. Between 2017-2018 Hunter secured 21 energy deals.

Comer claimed Joe Biden was part of the scheme to sell American oil assets. Hunter Biden stated to CEFC, Joe Biden would be a major shareholder in the company and even have the key to its headquarters.

Recent polling has shown that 60% of Americans believe Joe Biden made money from family-owned businesses. Sixty percent believe Hunter Biden sold his influence and access to President Obama.

Comer asked that Hunter’s financial records regarding the Chinese energy program be provided by the Treasury Department. Hunter is not the majority member of the House.