Ronna McDaniel’s Predictable Move Leaves Political Watchers Buzzing


Ronna McDaniel, former chairwoman of the Republican National Committee is moving on to a new job. Nobody is surprised. McDaniel, like her expensive predecessor Michael Steele, will enlighten America with her political insight at NBC/MSNBC.

The New York Times:

This hire brings a conservative voice that NBC can rely on to its stable of political analysts. McDaniel will also be expected to comment on MSNBC, NBC’s left-leaning cousin cable network and a channel that former president Donald J. Trump often accused of being a Democratic Party arm.

“Reliably Conservative” in the spirit of Jennifer Rubin, WaPo’s token conservative? Ana Navarro? She claims to represent a conservative view of the world on The View. Charlie Sykes is the founder of The Bulwark and he’s also on MSNBC.

Don’t forget former Republicans Nicolle Wallace, Joe Scarborough, and the MSNBC stars.

Carrie Budoff Brown, SVP at NBC News, said it’s a momentous occasion for Ronna’s vocals.

Carrie Budoff Brown who oversees NBC News’ political coverage wrote in a memorandum that it was “a crucial moment” to have a voice such as Ronna McDaniel on the team. She added that McDaniel’s “insider’s view on national politics and future of the Republican Party” would be provided by her.

Steele had some harsh words for McDaniel on his show two weeks ago.

“You need to have a unity discussion among yourselves before bringing it to other people… I was doing fine until your behind appeared with… I was doing fine. Was I winning the elections? What did you accomplish? We made a case for Obamacare. We made a case for public policy on foreign policy. “We haven’t put forward any public policy arguments on anything.”

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McDaniel will make his first appearance on “Meet the Press” this Sunday. Will Steele be there as well? Bring on the popcorn!