Roy Cooper Declares ‘State of Emergency’ in Response to Republican Veto Plan


North Carolina Gov. Roy Cooper announced a state of emergency in the Tarheel State during a Monday briefing. Was the area ravaged by a natural disaster we missed?

No. Cooper declares a “state emergency” instead because Republicans will override Cooper’s veto of the school choice bill and other GOP legislative priorities. Parents being able to choose where to send their children to school must pose a real and immediate danger.

This is the petulant child’s ranting, who cannot accept that parents are finally realizing what a scam public education really is.

Cooper says that the money will go to “unaccountable private schools,” how accountable are public school, teachers? How accountable are teachers in public schools who hide behind powerful unions? All I see are abject failures rewarded with even more money.

Parents have the right to spend their tax dollars on educating their kids in any way they choose. This includes religiously-based private schools. It’s laughable to think that public schools can provide a product of superior quality that is unmatched by your local Catholic school. The public education system has failed students for decades. Shoveling more money in the bottomless hole is not the solution.

Governor Cooper is also unhappy with a budget proposal that would “only” increase teacher’s pay by 4.5 percent. Cooper demanded a massive 18 percent increase over two years. Do you think you will get an 18% raise in the next two years for doing exactly the same thing you have always done? It’s not meant to belittle the teaching profession, but it’s simply not feasible to raise teachers’ salaries by almost 10 percent each year. This is also a slap to the taxpayers who bore the brunt of the pandemic, while teachers refused to come to work. This is a wound that has not fully healed.

The governor also expressed his anger over a proposal to reduce the state income tax. Democrats always hate it when people get to keep more money. The left-wing media immediately claimed that the plan will reduce state revenue by 20%, but I would be willing to wager that this won’t happen. This is the usual scare tactic used by Republicans whenever they cut taxes. Over a period of several years, revenues will increase due to an increased economy.

Is Cooper’s declaration that a “state emergency” has been declared over all of this stuff an executive order? It’s not, and it has no legal force. It’s rhetorical nonsense, a leftist attempt to incite fear and hatred. I beg red states to stop voting for these “moderate” Democrats. There is no such thing as a “moderate Democrat”. It will always be bad governance.