San Francisco Gets Rid of Killer Robot Program After America Notices


San Francisco is home to hippies, peace, love, social justice and social justice… and killer robots.

In November, the San Francisco Board of Supervisors approved a proposal by a police department to use robots to disarm or kill violent criminals in certain extreme circumstances. Robots are already used by police departments all over the country to investigate suspicious packages and disarm bombs. This proposal would have allowed robots to be used to track and arrest individuals.

This might seem like a surprising move by the city that renamed over 40 schools with Founding Father monikers under Anti-Racism. San Francisco is so pacifist that it has taken funds out of its police force and allows open-air drug markets instead of enforcing drug laws. It won’t even allow police or city workers to clear the trash and tents left by homeless people because they are considered private property. The world should not allow the hippies and their descendants from the bayside to use murderous robots as a way to control their population.

However, progressives, especially those in San Francisco, excel at projection and hypocrisy. They have a hard time reading the rooms in which they live.

Marxists believe that police are the problem and not the solution. The idea that police brutality can be reduced by reducing contact between citizens, peace officers, and police is what underpins the “defund the cop” movement. It has been a simple matter of reducing police which has led to a rise in crime, murder, and general disorder in one of the most beautiful places in the world. It’s easy to see why the police department came up with the idea of a killer robot program, even though it may seem crazy at first glance. They lack manpower and are flooded with the crime.

It is a little more difficult to see why the progressive Board of Supervisors would approve this idea. Perhaps they are also overwhelmed by the self-inflicted crime crisis and realize they cannot address it using logical methods because logic directly contradicts the Democrat platform. They may also not want to see those “law and ordered” Republicans succeed. If they couldn’t get more police officers to make streets safer, their next plan was to let robots do it.

As soon as the plan broke away from city limits, it immediately faced backlash. The idea was quickly spotted by the national media and the Board of Supervisors was mocked for its absurdity. They are sending a robot killer to handle residents they believe may be a threat. They have already concluded that police cannot determine who is a threat because of their own prejudices. They think it would be easier to make such mistakes if it were a robot with a gun…or super-galactic laser beams, or whatever weapon it might use.


After a week of public shame, San Francisco announced that they had canceled the program and would be reviewing it again. One board member stated in a funny moment of stupidity that they planned to continue doing the same insane things that caused crime to soar in northern California.

Supervisor Dean Preston stated in a prepared statement following the vote that “the people of San Francisco have said loud and clear: There’s no place for killer cop robots in this city.” “We should focus on ways to reduce the force used by local law enforcement and not give them new tools for killing people.

We could reduce the force used by law enforcement by decreasing how many crimes they are asked to investigate, which would lower the chances of using lethal/brutal force.

Although the plan isn’t dead, it has been resubmitted to the committee for further consideration. California is a place where no bad idea dies. It just takes a break and returns under a new name.

Keep watching for a dystopian future where Skynet becomes aware and forms a union.