School Board Member Deceptively Claims Uvalde Shooter Was a White Nationalist


As usual, the left is trying to politicize yet another school shooting. Democratic politicians and media activists are desperate to make use of the tragedy in Uvalde Texas to attack their political opponents. They stand on the dead bodies of the children to claim that conservatives are responsible. Even at the local level left-leaning officials are politicizing this matter. At least one of them blatantly lied about it, claiming that it was perpetrated by white nationalists.

Nicole Cole, Spotsylvania’s school board member, posted a Facebook post in which she claimed that the shooter at Robb Elementary School, killing 19 children and two others, was a white nationalist. She wrote:

The continued terrorist killings of children and people of color by white nationalists is a source of pain for most Americans today. This comment: “They [Congress, Senate, and GOP local] won’t do anything until it happens for their family/them”, makes me cringe. They know it, and they don’t want it to happen to them.

Cole continued by insisting that the GOP not only authorizes and supports guns in the hands of anyone but also supports radical domestic terrorist organizations and ideologies to groom these shooters.

The official added: They indoctrinate ignorant, hateful, and mentally unstable young terrorists, and defend them when they act (Rittenhouse. They refused to support George Floyd Bill, which would have helped to end the terror inflicted on our communities by the police.

She then urged readers to vote against the Republican politicians that she claimed inspired the “white nationalist attack”.

She wrote that all the terror and terrorism being perpetrated on our communities is trying to silence the public. But we must do the opposite. Communities, parents, and students have to speak out. We have to vote them out. We must choose our elected officials according to what is most important to our children and communities. This includes their support for public schools, their willingness and ability to pass gun laws and restrictions on ownership, and their willingness and willingness to support Voting and Democracy.

We all know what the problem is with Cole’s post. The Uvalde shooter wasn’t white, but he was Hispanic. There is no evidence to suggest that he was a white nationalist, or that the attack was political or racial.

Although it is possible that Cole did not know that the gunman was not a white nationalist, it’s unlikely. His actions were not motivated by racism according to many reports. Either she assumed that it was motivated by racism because she’s not a good thinker or reader or she is lying. It is unacceptable for a local official or school administrator to mischaracterize the school in order to get cheap political points.

It is interesting that Facebook did not censor the post, even though it clearly contained misinformation. It is hard to imagine what this would look like if the political persuasion were switched. This is not surprising. We can expect more of these things as the years go by. In the meantime, let me share with you the type of post that a school board member should make in the aftermath of a tragedy such as the one in Uvalde.


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