Scottish Leftists Under Fire: Attacking Rising Political Star for Her Christian Faith


Scotland boasts a rich history in Christian church affairs, having played a pivotal role in both Catholicism and the Protestant Reformation in the British Isles. This legacy has produced influential figures such as pastor John Knox, author George MacDonald, physician John Abercrombie, and singer Sheila Walsh, all of whom have hailed from Scotland.

Kate Forbes, a Scottish Parliament member since 2016, and a Scottish National Party member since 2011.

The SNP has a majority of center-left members who are united on the issue of Scottish Independence. Forbes, a conservative SNP member, believes in biblical views about marriage and sexuality. Forbes is a Christian traditionalist.

Forbes told BBC that her faith is “essential” to her in 2021. Politics will pass. I’m still the person I used to be before I became an elected official. I will always be convinced that I am made in God’s likeness. Forbes told the BBC she had a “duty to represent her constituency, regardless of any differences in their beliefs.”

Insiders have hailed Forbes as one of Scotland’s most promising politicians. Forbes is a strong communicator with a vision for a prosperous, independent Scotland. Her attempts to advance in politics have been recently snuffed by the secular buzzsaw.

Forbes is the nominee to succeed Nicola Sturgeon as Scotland’s first Minister in 2023. She was second in the SNP leadership contest to Humza Yusaf – an Islamic leader.

Yousaf resigned from his position earlier this spring after a vote against him. Forbes was not in the running to replace Yousaf on May 1. Iain McWhirter wrote that day in The Spectator that the leftists had declared war on Forbes.

Forbes has a strong political background, is articulate, and is well-versed in economics. She is far ahead of Swinney according to the latest Ipsos survey. The nationalist establishment and leftist journalists have been shocked by this.

Many pro-LGBT SNP activists have portrayed Forbes as a racist reactionary and a candidate from the 19th century.

McWhirter insists that this description is accurate, even though Forbes seems to be “a young, streetwise woman who also happens to be religious.” She has never said that she wants to return to the days of street abortions or homosexual persecution. ”

Albert Mohler highlighted in his podcast on Thursday an op/ed that was published in a London newspaper, which treated Forbes as if she were planning to send Scotland back to the Dark Ages after recent radical left leadership.

Kenny Farquharson praises politicians for their progressive remarks. He mentions Nicola Sturgeon, the first Muslim leader of a Western nation government, and Humza Yousaf.

Farquharson questioned, “What message would Kate Forbes send as first minister?” “Single mothers are bad, sexual relations outside marriage are wrong, ghouls standing outside abortion clinics and mouthing incantations are allowed? Most of us who are secular in Scotland will go to Hell. ”

Leftists on the secular side were angry because Forbes is a Christian and “doesn’t reflect the country she wants to run”. She chose not to run for either the leader of the Party or the First Minister position. Instead, she endorsed John Swinney. Swinney won the election.

Swinney recognized Forbes’ value to Scottish Politics, something leftists on the secular side will not admit, and named her as Deputy Prime Minister.

Euan McColm, writing in The Spectator, said that this was a recognition that Scotland is a more conservative nation (with a “small c”) than recent SNP priorities might suggest. “The leftists are powerful, but they don’t represent all Scots.

McColm claimed that Kate Forbes’ appointment as the second most powerful person in government would anger nationalists. ”

Her future is exciting.