Gutfeld Roasts Kristi Noem Over Show Cancellation, ‘Interviews’ Dana as Noem Instead—Hilarious Skit Ensues


South Dakota Governor Kristi Nem performed a dance on the Mar-a-Lago Lawn in hopes of being selected as the running mate for Donald Trump, the Republican Party’s presumptive presidential nominee.

Noem has been running from the media for the past 10-12 days, despite the fact that she thought her book tour, No Going Back, would be exciting. She admitted in the book to having shot her dog and claimed dubious to have met North Korea’s hermit dictator Kim Jong Un.

Noem has backed out of or canceled the Fox News show “Gutfeld” on Tuesday night. Greg isn’t going to let this go.

Gutfeld, a conservative comedian who is generally brilliant, recruited Fox’s Dana Perino as a stand-in for Noem. He then set the table this way for the former White House Press Secretary under Bush:

So, Dana, AKA Gov. Noem: Did you write this book yourself?

Perino and the writers of the show got it right — they responded as Noem.

It’s an excellent question, but I’m not going to answer it. There are many important issues around the world.

In addition to killing the dog, Noem wrote in her book that she had “dragged” a goat to the gravelpit, “tied [him] to a pole,” and fired at him. The goat, however, jumped as she fired. She added, “My shot was not good and I needed another shell to complete the job.”

The joke continued with Greg asking Dana “Noem” whether she had read the book prior to its publication. “She” responded in a hilarious way:

I read out loud some of the words written about me. They were in an order that they called sentences. I don’t think that means I have read the book.

Dana- “Noem” joked about her other dog, “Ghost Writer”, adding: “I killed it today.”

If you haven’t already, I recommend you watch the clip above.

Two related serious notes

Kristi Noem’s political demise is less about her stories, and more about the overall standards she has set. Please understand that Noem does not represent the “R” party alone in this regard.

Many of us had almost given up on her when the story about Cricket (Noem’s pet dog) broke. After a few days of media malpractice by Noem, and possibly the Trump campaign, Americans are very forgiving.

“At the moment, the title has received a rating of 2.5 out of 5, and there have been allegations that the reviews for the book were being restricted. This is supported by the fact that only two reviews are visible at this time (one positive and one negative).

What a tragic end. Noem was a formidable and credible advocate for Donald Trump and limited government. Let’s be honest — she’s not the prettiest person either. It’s a little unsettling to see her collapse so quickly, largely due to her own arrogance and self-inflicted injuries.

I cannot disagree. Noem made it worse every time I tried to disagree after the story broke.

The majority of the comments on social media regarding Noem’s unplanned death have either been “She killed the dog right” or “She killed the dog wrong”.

It was less common to hear comments about whether or not she should have destroyed her career by writing about an issue that she knew would be sensitive and for which she had nothing to gain.