Denver’s Illegal Immigrants Take Bold Action with Outrageous List of Demands, Adopting Left-Wing Tactics


Illegal immigrants are using a new strategy. After a series of pro-Hamas encampments on college campuses, Denver now faces the same problem but in a new context.

The encampment is located under a railroad bridge. It is covered with tents, garbage, and Palestinian flags. (Because the cause is not the cause. Denver officials were naturally concerned for safety and asked that everyone be moved to a shelter funded by taxpayers. The illegal immigrants, however, refused to leave when the buses arrived and instead presented a list with 13 demands.

This is driven by NGOs. A “migrant activist”, with an American accent, takes on the role of speaking for the illegal migrants present.

REEVES: Collectively, they came up with an agenda.

REPORTER: This was after city officials petitioned to move this encampment from near the train tracks and under a bridge to shelters that were funded by the City.

REEVES: They sent buses this morning to transport people without having presented that document and without any signature of accountability.

REPORTER: According to V Reeves, migrant advocate and activist for migrants, the city has responded by ignoring the demands of the migrants.

EWING: We have been trying to convince families to come in and leave the camp.

REPORTER John Ewing Denver Human Services claims shelter has its benefits, including getting out of the conditions outside.

EWING comes with three meals per day. You can cook for yourself if you wish.

REPORTER: This is the main demand of these migrants, who have complained in the past regarding the food provided by the city.

REEVES: Many people have complained about food spoiling or not enough, and malnutrition in children.

REPORTER: Migrants staying in shelters often get a step closer to a work permit. Reeves claims that these people haven’t gotten the same benefits.

REEVES: These people are not getting any official support for housing or immigration documents, which they need to navigate these bureaucratic systems.

REPORTER: According to the city, its offer includes all of these benefits.

One of the complaints is that the food is prepackaged. Illegal immigrants demand that they be given more expensive ingredients so that they can prepare their meals. The “collective” also wants free housing, free attorneys, and free health care. They refuse to leave until they get their demands met.

Illegal immigration is never a good idea. Laws should be enforced everywhere, even at the borders of a nation. There is a big difference between illegal immigrants from a decade back and those who are coming now. It used to be that the main goal for most people crossing the border into the United States was to get a job and then leave them alone. It was a bit of a cliche to say that “doing the work Americans will not do” is a good thing.

This is no longer true. After being coached by evil NGOS they now adopt left-wing tactics. It’s not to take on the jobs that Americans refuse to do. The goal is to live in the welfare state and make radical political changes while living here. As the above article shows, they aren’t hiding their desire any longer.

Denver officials, meanwhile, are attempting to bend the knee and reduce police funding to give more money to illegal immigrants. This only encourages more people to arrive. This is a self-destructive cycle, which liberals are determined to repeat.