Shocking Revelation: Court Clerk Becky Hill’s Lavish Spending Spree—Thousands Squandered on Paint, Dog Beds, and Gifts


According to the State Ethics Commission, former South Carolina court clerk Becky Hill who presided over Alex Murdaugh’s murder trial is facing 76 charges of misconduct.

Hill has been accused of abusing her position as Colleton County Clerk for financial gain. She is accused specifically of using it to promote her Murdaugh book, a part of which she acknowledged and apologized for plagiarising.

According to a notice of hearing, Hill is also accused of sending herself almost $10,000 in federal bonuses as child support payments. She used federal money to buy food and give gifts to employees of the court, including “Easter Goodies”, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, and Valentine’s Day presents; paint supplies, flowers, and decor; different meals for her; office furniture, dog food, bones, and a bed; among other things.

The court clerk who had held her post for four years resigned from her job in March after allegations of jury tampering during the Alex Murdaugh case. She maintained, however, that her decision not to remain in office was not a result of her behavior during the double-murder trial.

In 2023, we were tasked with managing one of the largest trials in South Carolina’s history. Hill stated during a press release at the time of her resignation that “Our small town came together to make everyone proud.” “Managing a case of such importance for the people of South Carolina as well as the national and international press interest and public scrutiny has caused me reflect on decisions I made during my tenure as clerk of court.”

She said that by not running for reelection in 2020, she will be able to “focus on her role as a wife and mother” and “provide ample time to other Republican Candidates” who are interested in the Colleton County Court clerk position.

Justin Bamberg, her attorney who represented the victims of Alex Murdaugh’s financial crimes at a press conference in March, stated that Hill’s decision had no relation to any investigations currently pending involving the clerk. Fox News contacted Bamberg to get his opinion on the ethics complaint.

Bramberg stated, “I want to be very clear that today’s action is in no way related to any investigation or other activity of this nature.”

SLED announced that in September it had opened two inquiries into Hill’s behavior during Murdaugh’s murder trial. One investigation was into allegations Hill abused her position as clerk for financial gain from the sales of her book, and another inquiry into the allegations of jury tampering.

Alex Murdaugh, who was convicted of murdering his wife and son in 2021 on a hunting estate owned by the family, appeared in court again in January to address allegations that Hill had tampered with the jury.

Murdaugh’s attorneys argued the allegations were justified, but Justice Jean Toal decided that, after hearing the jury members who presided over this case, a new trial wasn’t necessary.

Toal stated before she made her decision that although Hill had been “attracted by a siren’s call of fame” and made “fleeting, foolish comments”, the jury took their task seriously and convicted Murdaugh.

Eleven of the 12 jurors that found Murdaugh culpable last spring said Hill had no influence on their decision. One juror said that he had heard the clerk comment on Murdaugh’s behavior, but that her words didn’t influence his decision.