Someone Needs to Get Ukraine’s Zelensky Under Control


RedState reported that a Russian-made missile hit a Polish building on Tuesday, killing two civilians. This led to widespread bed-wetting among the media. Some suggested that NATO should invoke Article Four and Article Five, opening the door for open conflict between Russia and the West.

But there was one problem. The missile was in fact Ukrainian. That’s at least the conclusion that the United States and some allies came to. It seems certain that Poland cancelled the NATO emergency meeting it called.

Unfortunately, Volodymyr Zelensky, the Ukrainian President, only accepts one explanation even though it has been widely proven false. In the immediate aftermath, he took to social media to accuse Russia and demanded that NATO “act.”

It’s amazing to think that Zelensky used the internet to request NATO attack Russia, based on a belief he didn’t yet believe to be true. You don’t want to start a major war between NATO or Russia on Twitter without knowing all the facts. There’s another explanation. I don’t like to suggest it. It would be that Zelensky knew all the facts and attempted to start a major war.

However, without any evidence I will not assume this. The most plausible explanation is that Zelensky was looking for any way to get NATO into war and he was willingly to work with limited information.

Now that we all know what we know, there is no reason for him to return the next day and do it again. But that’s exactly what happened.

This guy needs to be stopped before anything worse than the current crisis in Europe. While I understand that he is protecting his country, there is no excuse to allow Russia to invade. Although I support the expulsion of Putin’s forces, I am skeptical about how much money it will cost.

However, it doesn’t change that Zelensky is irresponsible or dangerous for promoting unproven claims that could see NATO fire on Russia. While I believe this war must end and Ukraine should not be forced to surrender, it seems like Zelensky is allowing it to continue. He is receiving billions of dollars from nations without strings attached. This is a perverse incentive for Russia to continue escalating even though Russia hasn’t provided any justification.

These pieces are hard to write because people love to go to extremes. You are a “Putin puppet” if you want to be held accountable for the billions of dollars going to Ukraine. If you support Ukraine’s sovereignty, you will be a “warmonger.” Yet, I find myself in the middle of those accusations, believing that Ukraine has the right to defend itself. This is why I think Zelensky must be retorted in. Zelensky cannot continue to talk like he does without a strategy that is accepted by his allies.