Stanford Shocker: Pro-Palestine Protestors Hit with Felony Charges as University Revives SAT


Stanford University has announced that applicants to fall 2025 will need to submit ACT/SAT Scores.

Stanford filed charges for felony burglary on 13 protestors that barricaded themselves in the building housing its president and provost. Stanford Daily reporter, also included, was part of this group.

Protesters called for the school to divest its investments in Israel, disclose financial data up until 2022 and drop all criminal and disciplinary cases against pro Palestine students.

“Thirteen individuals were arrested today in Building 10.” Students arrested will be suspended as well, along with the law enforcement process. Seniors won’t be allowed to graduate. This is due to the threat that our campus community poses to public safety.

Stanford also removed its campus’ pro-Palestine demonstration site. Stanford stated, “The community’s situation has gone from being peaceful to actions which are a danger to community safety.” ”

Stanford had allowed the site to remain occupied for four months. The sudden increase in charges to felonies, and the dispersal from the site were a rapid turn of events.

Stanford has had a tradition of protests and sit-ins at the president’s office dating back to the Vietnam War. Stanford website features a collection of examples. Stanford’s mission statement focuses on “inclusion and engagement in civic and residential life, and respect for robust dialog in education and residence” in order to prepare students for active citizenry.

Stanford’s Board of Trustees held a panel on student engagement in 2021. In the summary, it was noted that empowering students to create social contract norms for discussing controversial issues could “help create an inclusive, vibrant and candid dialogue”. Stanford Title IX also has a section about “Activism as Healing” and “Activism as Empowerment.” ”

Stanford announced two day after the arrests it would be reintroducing the standardized test requirement for the fall 2025 class. The faculty committee stated that “Performance on standardized tests is an important predictor for Academic Performance at Stanford.” Stanford has joined top universities like Harvard, Yale, Brown, MIT and Dartmouth as well as MIT and Dartmouth in reintroducing standardized testing.