Substitute Teacher Fired For Not Acknowledging A Child ‘Identifying As A Cat’


Substitute teacher claims she was fired for not “identifying” with all her students, including a boy who claimed to be a cat.

In a TikTok video, a woman going by the handle @crazynamebridgetmichael claims she was let go for not meowing back at a student, who then stormed out of the classroom.

The teacher shouts, “I’m a sub and the most important thing that we do is take rolls, so the school gets pay.” So, I am looking at the seating charts as I go up and down rows marking who is here and who isn’t. When I reach the third row, I hear this “meow .” Uhhh!

The woman continues to tell the story of a little girl who told her that the teacher should meow back to him because he identified himself as a cat. The substitute jokingly asked if there was any litterbox in the classroom. The teacher yelled at the boy, who then stormed off.

The video ends with her saying that she checked out for the day at the main office and was told she wasn’t needed if she couldn’t identify herself with the other children in the class.

“I told her, I said, I didn’t know cats were considered humans. They were my pets.”

The substitute teacher finishes the video by adding, “another school on my list,” suggesting that she has had problems before.

At what point can we agree that this has gone too far? Identifying as a cat is the last thing we should be recognizing as normal.