Target Collaborates with Group Advising Schools on Concealing Child’s Gender Identity from Parents


Bud Light has opened up the floodgates for the public to fight back against the infusion of “woke” ideologies everywhere. They have not only suffered from the boycott in terms of sales and stock but they were also forced to give away beer for free on Memorial Day, which is a period that would normally be a major money-maker for them. Memorial Day weekend showed that they have lost a large subset of customers. It’s also a warning to other companies who jump on the political bandwagon. Americans want to be able to purchase their products without being forced into a political position.

Target has now proven that this boycott isn’t a one-off. Their stock price plummeted by more than $9 billion since the controversy began a little less than a week ago. They did attempt to stop the boycott by removing/moving the items they claimed were the cause of most concern. However, their CEO doubled down on propaganda and said that this was all about building “engagement”. As my colleague Susie Moore pointed out in an excellent piece, it’s complete nonsense. The company doesn’t care about its customers. They care “about building ESG credentials and pushing a positive narrative.”

How can we be sure? Look at the new report about Target’s partners.

Fox News Digital revealed that Target Corporation has partnered with a K-12 educational group to get districts to adopt policies that will keep parents unaware of their child’s gender transition in school, provide sexually explicit texts to schools free of charge, and integrate gender ideology into all levels in the curriculum at public schools.

Target finds it all cool. “GLSEN is leading the charge in creating affirming …. spaces for LGBTQIA+ Students. Target stated that they were proud to have worked with GLSEN for 10+ years and would continue to support the mission. They donate to the group annually and have donated $2.1 million.

GLSEN wants to ensure that gender ideology is integrated into all classes. They even want to inject “they/them’ pronouns in word problems. They also offer schools guidance that may involve hiding gender transitions from parents.

The policy stated that “[the local education agency] must ensure that all medical and personally identifiable information regarding transgender students and nonbinary children is kept confidential… Staff and educators shall not reveal any information which may reveal the gender identity of a student to others including parents or guardians… This disclosure should be discussed with a student before any action.”

We have discussed this group and these issues several times before.

GLSEN wants to make sure that schools and districts can get free sexually explicit books from them.

The book also included the words “perverts” or “pedophiles.”

The book stated, “I was a sexually mature person.” Sexually mature means that I was aware of sex. Since I was six, I would kiss and make out with other boys in my neighborhood, as well as perform oral sex. It was fun. Oral used to be my favorite. I also touched their you-know-whats. It was a very young age, but we were doing it. Guys would hit on me. They were perverts and pedophiles. It was a little creepy when I saw guys looking at me. They would touch their own hands and say, “Come here, sweetie. I ran away… I hated being young, I had an adult’s mind, and thought I was a mature adult.”

This is not going to help Target if they are hoping to get out of the free fall. They just jumped into the fire from the frying pan. If they really mean “engagement”, they’ll have to deal with more people like Susie Moore who will throw them over the edge and try to find other options.