Texas Department of Public Safety Office Targeted in 18-Wheeler Crash: Suspected Criminal Act


An 18-wheeler crashed into the Texas Department of Public Safety Office on Friday. There were multiple injuries reported.

Multiple people were reported injured by authorities after a commercial vehicle collided with a Department of Public Safety in Brenham (Texas) on Friday.

The Texas DPS reported that the accident occurred on Friday morning when an 18-wheeler truck was being chased by law enforcement. The driver has been taken into custody.

DPS officials warned that investigators and medical staff would be in the area.

Click2Houston reports that at least three victims are in critical condition, and four others have suffered serious injuries.

“We think this was a criminal act,” County Sheriff Otto Hanak told reporters.

There is no information about the driver of the truck or if there were passengers. Also, the criminal act is suspected (other than the apparent deliberate crash) and the reason for the pursuit is unknown.

No fatalities have yet been reported.

This story is developing. We will continue to follow this story and update you as necessary.