Texas Mayor Braces City for Title 42 Ending Like a Coming Hurricane


On “Cavuto Live”, Saturday, Laredo Mayor Dr. Victor Trevino announced a state of emergency for his city as the end of Title 42 was approaching. He also explained how he prepared for the upcoming “hurricane”.

VICTOR TREVINO: As you saw, there are no migrant crossings in Laredo. The migrants are in other border towns but will be transported to Laredo. It’s like a storm is coming. The border situation is fluid, so we have to be prepared. The numbers are increasing and we plan to send some of them to cities in the north that have more funding and more capacity. This is where we stand. Our situation is not the same as NGOs who have received federal funding, but ours is a capacity problem. Our facility is only able to process 2,000 people per day. Anything above this will be released into the streets. We only have two facilities. In case of overflow, we will set up the park-and-ride and recreation center. This is not enough.

We are compassionate in our community, but we do not have the financial or hospital resources to absorb the transfer. We have spoken to Henry Cuellar, who is talking to Secretary Mayorkas, about this issue. If things spiral out of control, there are tools that we can use as a last resort. This is what the city did during the pandemic. This is what we are looking at. We know that about 40,000 people will be waiting to cross the border on the Mexican side once Title 42 expires.

Here is the Fox News Report: