The Health of Bob Saget the Night He Died Raises More Questions


You can find more information about the Bob Saget case. This includes information on the actor/comedian’s health that night. This was done based on interviews with witnesses and bodycam video from the police responding that night. It also included photos of his bedroom at the time.

According to Fox News:

Witnesses interviewed by Cpl. Brian Meadows after Meadows’ conversations with Chief Medical Examiner Dr. Joshua Stephany.  He believes that it occurred within hours to a few days, depending on multiple medical factors. According to Meadows, Stephany could “not state definitively” when Saget’s “head wound occurred, but he believed it was probably within hours of his death, possibly within a day or two, depending on several medical factors.”

Stephany informed Meadows that Saget would “have displayed significant signs that something was not right”. Meadows interviewed people who had been in touch with Saget during the days before his death.

Saget was a Florida musician who performed at Ponte Vedra Concert Hall the night of his death. Rosalie Cocci a showrunner said that Saget had suffered from long-term Covid, and it was taking him a while to recover.

He claimed his hearing was impaired and asked for help from the soundmen. “And he said that he had been sick since the night before. His hearing was poor and he was sore.

Saget was diagnosed with Covid antibodies after his postmortem. This was despite him being able to recover from the illness only a few weeks before.

“Cocci said that he was fine when he got to the stage. ” A staff member from the show shared his hearing difficulties.

Richard Stanford stated that he didn’t have food but asked for Diet Coke or Red Bull. His job was to organize hospitality, equipment, labor, tear down and set up, as well as any other requirements, for the show.

“I don’t know if he stumbled over words,” he responded when asked if Saget had trouble with speaking. “The train of thought just changed a couple of times. We’d be talking about a story and then, all of a sudden, he’d bring up this part, and I don’t know personally how those would tie together. Just weird, stepping on himself a little bit.”

Stanford stated that he had no physical problems. Everyone described him as happy.

His family claimed that he had only been infected with the virus a few weeks before and didn’t experience any hearing loss.

Saget was about two hours away from the Ponte Vedra Show when he arrived at the Ritz-Carlton Orlando. He met Orlando Nunez, the valet, at the Ritz-Carlton in Orlando that evening. It was about a two-hour drive from the Ponte Vedra Show. Nunez spoke for about ten minutes with Saget and stated that he seemed to be fine. Because he was sick, he was only anxious to get home to his family.

Police took photos of the room but have yet to make a determination as to what the victim might have done.

The problem is how to explain the severe head injury he sustained, which required more force than a drop on the ground.

This was a new side to the story. He was still ill with hearing loss. Hearing loss can also indicate balance problems.