The Jaw-Dropping Twitter Troll of Biden’s Deputy Press Sec


Joe Biden’s team keeps showing us how incompetent their jobs are. Every day we see more examples of this. It was evident when Biden refused to answer a reporter asking about Putin’s plans to suspend START. On Thursday, we saw it together with White House Press Secretary Karine Jean Pierre. She mistook her boss for Barack Obama. We witnessed Pete Buttigieg finally make it to East Palestine. However, she had trouble pronouncing the name correctly and made a terrible Freudian slip. She also falsely blamed the train derailment on former President Donald Trump.

Biden’s team seems to be just dialing in and not paying enough attention to what they should be paying attention. Andrew Bates, Biden’s Senior Communications Advisor for Strategic Responds and Deputy Press Secretary, may have discovered the hard way that this is not the right way to go. He shared Karine Jean-Pierre’s comments that Greg Price had posted and retweeted another Price video.

But Price is a Republican strategist. Price saw an opportunity to troll and took it.

Twitter displays the name of the person who posted the video, and it shows “From so-and-so.” Price suddenly changed his name, so the timeline looked like this. You can see the bottom of the tweet.

It then displays the name of the original tweeter along with the retweet.

Biden’s team offers a “strategic reaction”

Price pointed out that even though he could delete it, he couldn’t do so because it can’t be deleted from a government account.

Bates was forced to wait for Price to change his name to his usual name.

My thoughts are that Bates might have learned to post his video, and not others’ after this little misadventure.