The Shocking Attempt to Compare Nex Benedict to George Floyd


On Thursday night, headlines announced that there would be no charges filed against Nex Benedict, a “non-binary teenager” from Oklahoma. If you are familiar with the facts, you won’t be surprised.

Understanding the truth is not enough. The far left does not intend to accept the truth. They are too committed to their cause to abandon the false narrative that they began with. This led to another attempt to make Benedict a martyr.

What these headlines are intended to convey is clear. Benedict was killed, at least in part, by a hateful anti-transgender assault at school. This was told to the public for several days before more information came out. Even though the narrative was completely discredited, the attempt to make a tragic, self-inflicted suicide of a teenager into the next George Floyd is still going on.

The day after a fight at school, Benedict, a female student, overdosed on the drugs that were prescribed to her. The body cam footage of a police officer interviewing her showed that she admitted to starting the fight between the two younger girls and that she had not suffered any serious injuries. There is still a new round of anger that the other two girls are not being jailed for defending themselves.

This is absurd and completely different from the way that the left usually treats such situations. How many articles have USA Today published that demand charges for the attacks against non-transgender students which resulted in serious injuries? Ari Dennan has made how many posts on social media demanding justice for Kaylee’s gain? Answer: zero. She’s willing to spread misinformation about Benedict to support her own delusional goals.

Nex Benedict did not die in a school fight. She killed herself because of the relentless leftist ideology that tries to convince children with mental disorders that “affirmation is the only way forward”. Benedict needed a medical system and family members who cared enough about her to guide her through the confusion. She was instead left with a pat, a prescription, and no help. What for? Adults can feel better about the choices they make.

Even worse, instead of changing direction, they double down. It’s sickening and ghoulish. The far left (which includes a large part of the mainstream media) is so desperate to have a transgender George Floyd, that they will lie about the death of a child, despite overwhelming evidence of their lies. There is no bottom.