The Trump Derangement Syndrome Epidemic: How Media Lost Their Minds This Week


I read the opinion sections of The New York Times, The Washington Post, and other newspapers so friends, colleagues, and readers don’t have to. The main theme of each column is “We Hate Trump, But He Will Not Go Away”.

There used to be a lot of “Rah, Rah!” for President LOLEightyonemillion too, but even the MSM cheerleaders are finding it impossible to do anymore.

The left media people are going insane because Trump refuses to cower before the corrupt Department of Justice, lesser prosecutors, and judges.

The Washington Post’s Opinions contributor editor Robert Kagan begins with the headline, “A Trump dictatorship has become increasingly inevitable.”

WaPo’s editors know their readers and have this article parked at the top of the Opinion page on the website for the majority of the day.

Kagan’s Op-Ed is six thousand words long and redefines the term “all over”. My longest columns are usually between 800-1000 words. Kagan’s article gives the impression that he is planning to wander off into the forest once he’s finished.

The only thing that could prevent this from being a weekly feature is that there may never be another meltdown of this magnitude.

I won’t dissect Kagan’s turgid rant. Instead, I will pull out a few quotes and mock it.

This is the first option:

The mainstream media is working with Trump’s attorneys to get televised coverage for his federal criminal case in D.C. Trump wants to use this trial to promote his candidacy, and to discredit the American Justice System as corrupt.

Kagan’s belief that things are different in recent years is a sign that he may be suffering from a concussion. I read The New York Times and WaPo every weekday. They have never stopped talking about Trump since January 20, 2021.

Since it was WaPo’s, we had to throw in a flimsy Hitler comparison:

Trump has another advantage. There’s never been a time in American history when democracy was so messy. Hitler and other agitators in Weimar Germany benefited from the bickering of democratic parties.

In the TDS dream, Adolf Hitler was the only leader to ever lead his country during a time of domestic turmoil. Kagan should Google “Abraham Lincoln.”

This is the gem of this screed.

What limits these powers? By his election, Trump will have shown that the institutions of justice are powerless. If a court system could not control Trump when he was a private person, it is unlikely to be able to do so better once he becomes president. He will be able to nominate his own attorney general, as well as all other top officials in the Justice Department.

Imagine the horror of a vindictive President holding sway over the Justice Department.

Oh, yeah! We don’t need to imagine it.

Kagan’s descent to madness is more than just his fear that people might act like insurrectionists if they protest in the streets after Trump is elected.

Kagan’s main concern is that Trump, and those in his administration, will only be motivated by revenge.

Democrats have operated in a world of no consequences for a very long time. But they are terrified to be faced with any. And they think Trump will do things like suspend term limits or ignore the Supreme Court, which they’ve advocated openly.

I can imagine him smirking a lot at them and then fixing the economy.