The U.S. Getting Supplies to Ukraine Within Hours and Days


The breakdown of U.S. assistance to Ukraine shows the astonishing speed with which the American government provided aid, compressing a process normally taking months into “hours or days.”

Over the last week, the U.S. provided $350 million in military assistance in the form of weapons from U.S. stockpiles. This brings the total U.S. aid to Ukraine to approximately $1 billion in the past year.

A new breakdown of this aid shows that the U.S. reduced the time it took to deliver the aid by mere hours or days.

“You can see how quickly we are moving in order to secure security assistance on the field,” a senior defense official stated, noting that all officials are “very impressed” by how Ukrainians are using those weapons. They are making a difference.”

The official said that all of them were “torturously impressed” by the way they used the weapons on the battlefield. “Kremlin watchers were also surprised at how these weapons performed on the battlefield.”

According to the official, the normal time frame for moving the stockpiles to Ukraine is several months. Over the last seven days, 70% of U.S. security assistance has been sent.

“We continue to exceed what we thought possible.”

According to the State Department, the Ukraine assistance was “the highest in U.S. history.” history.”

The U.S. had previously approved a $60 million package for Nov. 2021 and $200 million in military assistance by Jan. 2022.

Since the Russian invasion of Crimea, Ukraine has received $3 billion in assistance. Canada, Poland, Lithuania, and Britain also provided support through their efforts.