There Is No Success Under Your Own Terms If You’re In a Protected Group


America’s idea is that anyone can achieve greatness no matter where they come from. With perseverance and hard work, even someone who grew up in poverty can become a billionaire.

It’s becoming clearer that this is not how the left sees America. They spend a lot of time convincing people success is all about your skin color. This is a part of a larger lie that aims to convince people that there is no upward mobility in life without them.

They say that in order to succeed, you must first defeat the systems that hold you back. A system that is designed for white men who are the enemy to all others.

This lies is one reason the left is so popular. It can ascribe blame for misfortunes and claim credit for success. However, success must be achieved according to their terms. You can bet they will cancel you and make you an enemy if you try to break from the box you were put in. It doesn’t matter which protected group you belong to. You will need to fit into their social box the closer you are to the left.

You must live your daily life according to the rules or you will be an outcast and a pariah. This Daily Mail story is a good example of how strict you need to follow the rules.

The “disabled trans activist”, as it was called, was canceled. Why? It’s because she was at the same place that she worked:

After a Twitter user revealed their job at Lockheed Martin, a super-woke mob canceled the author and activist for disabled trans people.

Ana Mardoll was the first to be doxxed for being at Lockheed’s Fort Worth facility.

Mardoll responded to the allegations by denying that they had worked at Lockheed.

The activist wrote on their now-deleted Twitter account: ‘I’ve been aware that someone is trying to dox me and @ everyone I know in the process, so I might as well address some things here. I’m sorry I have to do this.’

This person was called an “activist,” which meant she had done work for the advancement of the transgender community. Mardoll is an author whose books often feature characters from the LGBT category.

Amazon’s profile says that Mardoll characters include bisexual and polyamorous lovers, transgender characters, and genderqueer characters. They also have characters who are disabled and deal with chronic pain and mental illness.

They are known for their titles, No Man of Woman Born and Cinder the Fireplace Boy.

It doesn’t really matter. It doesn’t matter that this individual has done more to normalize transgenderism than most people. She works for Lockheed Martin. She is not within the arbitrarily set boundaries and must be exiled.

This shows that the left doesn’t care about you creating a life for yourself. You don’t have any choice but to follow their rules. They will not allow you to go beyond the limits they have set. They don’t care about you. Instead, they care about what your life can contribute to their story.

That’s it. You’re now ready to set an example for others and live beyond their boundaries.

It is hard to believe that anyone would want to live in their “protective” shelter. It is more like a prison than anything.