Things Start Getting Ugly as Democrats Realize Joe Biden Can Not Be the 2024 Nominee


Things are not looking good in Democrat country. All polls seem to be pointing against Democrats just a week before the election. CNN and NPR were both stubborn holdouts on Wednesday morning. Their final surveys showed the GOP up by three points. Even though they don’t want to admit it, the bell is ringing.

What’s Joe Biden doing? He went to Florida on Tuesday and gave his most dementia-ridden speech yet. But, it has serious competition. There were so many “moments”, it was difficult to remember them all, but I will try my best.

Biden misunderstood FEMA and claimed that his son was killed in Iraq. He called Hurricane Ian “Hurricane Ivan” and claimed he had spoken to the inventor of insulin.

He said exactly that. His demeanor was typical of senility, which is why it’s being treated as normal. He also had a sore on his hand, which was evidently from an IV.

If you aren’t sure what the picture looks like, it is best to visit an eye doctor. It is impossible for Democrats to allow Biden to become the nominee for 2024. I believe they are beginning to see that.

Maggie Haberman is correct. As I have illustrated above, Biden made more than two “verbal stumbles” in his speech. But I digress. You can’t click on two of America’s most liberal papers if the content of the articles is the main point. That’s the point. These articles were published by two of the most liberal news outlets in the country (and are also the most influential), a week before the mid-term elections, suggesting that Joe Biden may not be fit to hold the office.

This is not an accident in terms of timing. Democrats are beginning to see the signs and are panicking about 2024. It’s impossible for Biden to become the nominee. But he is a stubborn, old man supported by an ambitious wife who refuses to leave the White House.

How can they force him out? How can they push him out while making Kamala Harris (an equally horrible option in 2024) the de-facto nominee? They must push Biden out quickly if they want to make Biden the de-facto nominee. This is the corner Democrats have painted for themselves, and I don’t envy them.

Biden will not be leaving willingly. Biden spent his whole life working in government and positioning himself for the presidency. In a year when Democrats wanted to run an establishmentarian, he failed several times before finally succeeding. They are now stuck with him and you will see a gradual intensification in the throwing of Biden under a bus. Democrats and their media allies have learned what to do. It’s going to get ugly.