This Governor Is Moving To Criminalize Election Fraud Complaints


Under a plan devised by Jay Inslee, Washington’s far-Left governor, candidates and elected officials who complain about election fraud will be charged with a gross misdemeanor, fine, and/or sentence. A Democrat-controlled committee has recommended that the anti-free speech bill be passed.

You thought it couldn’t get any worse.

2020 saw Democrat governors and their staff use COVID-19 to amend election laws. They used emergency powers without legislature many times, expanded mail-in voting, and removed any security measures such as signature matching. A state court recently ruled that Pennsylvania’s election changes made by fiat were unlawful under the state constitution. These aren’t lies. They did happen. They could have affected the outcome of the election. Complaints continue to be raised about Mark Zuckerberg’s “Zuckbucks” taking over local election offices. But Washington’s Gov. Inslee believes that people who are seeking or holding office should be punished for their wrong thoughts. They should be silenced, and possibly even sent to jail for up to one year.

Inslee’s bill makes loud complaints about election fraud that the complainants knew was bogus. According to the governor, this could lead to violence. He argues that the person who said these words should be sent to prison. Inslee never used these words to respond to the Antifa riots and BLM riots that occurred during the 2016 election and 2017, which were intended to overthrow the democratically elected Donald Trump.

The measure was dead in the water a mere week back due to its absurdity and obvious violation of the First Amendment, which, we note, was explicitly written to protect political speech. When the Washington Post article notified the east coast Leftist political classes that Inslee was making unconstitutional attempts, Laurence Tribe, a Harvard Law professor, and Catherine Ross from George Washington University Law got in touch to ask if they could help restore Senate Bill or give a few of America’s most talented governors some of their reflected glory. They realized that Governor Short Bus was in dire need of their assistance.

Mind you, Tribe’s contribution wasn’t much better than a blurb in a book. It basically stated that while we don’t know whether this bill would pass legal scrutiny “this bill represents at the very minimum, a thoroughly reasonable, responsible, and good-faith effort to address an important problem in democracy and to do it in a way that respects both the text and purposes. Tribe argued against Jan. 6th, 2021, assuming that political speech caused people to riot at the Capitol Building but not at

Ross claimed she had read the Washington Post article, in which Ross mentioned her past attempts to denigrate political speech. “But, on reading this article,” she stated that she agreed with Ross that the current circumstances are extraordinary and that lies about the election results pose a real threat. Zoom testimony before State Senate Government and Elections Committee. She stated that she “consulted and helped to craft the language which I believe addresses the First Amendment issues.”

Inslee calls this bill “carefully crafted”, as though these words are magic words to hide his totalitarianism and sugar-coated pixie dust.

Inslee believed that “when everybody speaks, Washington is stronger”, but Inslee, who was an adherent of the Church of Global Warming, has now abandoned this egalitarian view of political speech.

Inslee and his Democrat minions, who supported this attack on democracy, stuffed the bill with the professors’ amendments they hoped would give it a veneer of neutrality. But neutrality in a Democrat-controlled state with a Democrat Attorney General with the power of determining who is targeted by which laws hardly seems neutral. To see the Democrats’ blind justice ideas, check out the J6 trials in Washington, D.C.

Inslee claims that the anti-free speech bill represents the highest level of democracy and is “consistent with all that we hold dear”. Inslee says that there is a “jury”.

Inslee was able to spend time with Stacey Abrams who is the Georgia governor.

He has praised Hillary Clinton’s lies regarding Donald Trump and Russian collusion.

Trump was deemed a “clear, present danger” and a “Russian asset”.

People protesting outside Olympia’s state capitol believed that the election was stolen. We now know that Democrats made a concerted effort to influence the election results. It’s unclear how much election fraud was involved. However, Inslee does not want anyone with the ability to do something about it to discuss it.

Gag ’em.

The State Senate Government and Elections Committee removed this monstrosity from the committee on Jan. 28 with a “do not pass” recommendation.

The factsheet of the Washington Policy Center on this bill could be written by an elementary school student. It’s not poorly done but it explains what everyone should know about the First Amendment. Paul Guppy, WPCs, observes that the bill would be in violation of the First Amendment. Courts have repeatedly ruled that censoring political expression is unconstitutional. He notes that the bill targets “officials and candidates for office” even though “incitement to violence” by any person is already illegal under content-neutral standards.

It doesn’t matter. You can put them in jail.

Inslee claims that his bill proves that “politicians do not have to be above anybody else”, but his bill establishes two standards of speech: one for candidates and officeholders, and one for everyone else. This will not stand.

It is a waste of time and money to pass a bill that will be thrown into the trash heap. It will act as a filter, and it will stop deplorable Kulaks from circulating in Washington. Who knows? Perhaps Washingtonians don’t know enough to allow precedents to be set because they believe Inslee when it says that “we don’t have to choose between protecting democracy or protecting free speech.” This bill has done both.”