Tiger Woods’ Ex Claims She Was Tricked to Leave Home, Then Frightened Away


Erica Herman filed a lawsuit against the trust which owns the house where she and Tiger Woods stayed on Wednesday. This lawsuit was separate from one that involved a nondisclosure agreement.

Herman filed the suit against Jupiter Island Irrevocable trust, the owner of the Hobe Sound home, in Florida. She claimed that she provided “valuable services” at the time for the defendant’s agents as part of their “oral tenancy agreement.”

According to the documents, she had an oral agreement for 11 years.

According to the documents, the services provided were of an “extraordinary nature” and there was no legal proceeding to end the tenancy. According to the documents, the defendant “engaged in prohibited practices” i.e. self-help. This led to severe, consequential, and serious emotional damages for the Plaintiff. These prohibited practices were committed with intent, premeditation, and malice before they could be thought of.

Herman claimed that she was tricked into leaving the house and was then locked out upon her return.

The documents claim that Plaintiff was tricked by agents of Defendant to pack a bag for a short vacation. However, upon arrival at the airport, she was told she had been locked out of her home, in violation both of Florida law and the oral tenancy agreement.

“They informed her that she could not return to her residence and, as they did not have legal counsel to assist her in this moment of emotional turmoil, they used a lawyer to confront the woman with their proposals to end the wrongdoings they were committing.”

Plaintiff was successfully locked out of her home by the defendant’s agents, who tried to justify their illegal behavior by paying for a hotel and certain expenses for a brief period. Plaintiff has repeatedly asked to be allowed back in her home since then. But Defendant’s agents refused.

“Even worse, Plaintiff’s personal items were removed from her residence by Defendant’s agents. They misappropriated more than $40,000 in cash she belonged to, and made scurrilous, defamatory claims about how she got the money.”

Herman stated that she could be entitled to up to $30 million.

The trust’s lawyers filed a motion for dismissal of the suit. They first claimed that Herman wasn’t really after the trust and that it was not the trustee she named in the lawsuit. The trust’s lawyers also stated that Herman removed her belongings from her home, and that “oral tenant agreements” in Florida are only valid for a year.

Herman filed a lawsuit against Woods to challenge the validity of the NDA she claimed she signed in 2017.