Tipster Claims President’s Son Had FBI Insider Named ‘One-Eye’


He was the son of a former U.S. senator, vice president and, at 53, was kicked from the Navy. He then had a child with an Arkansas stripper. He married a South African filmmaker a week later. To fund his Russian and drug addictions, The Big Guy (a/k/a father) loaned him thousands and made a video where he smoked crack cocaine and drank White Claws in “sensory deprivation tank” settings. He also has a tendency record his adventures and save them to computers which he then abandons.

The scandal-happy scion was also involved in a number of questionable business transactions with foreign individuals during his father’s vice presidentship. He was offered a lucrative board seat at the Ukrainian energy company owned by corrupt oligarchs, and another member of Chinese private equity firm BHR Partners.

Oh, and the famous ne’erdo-well has taken up paint in recent years. He has been handsomely paid (again/always), causing ethics questions.

Last years’ show featured paintings starting at $75,000 for works on paper and ending at $500,000 for larger canvases.

According to the NY Post, the most expensive Hunter work is a mustard floral painting on Yupo Japan Paper. It costs $225,000. Two potential buyers are available.

Because the White House intervened last summer to create an “ethics arrangement”, we don’t have the names of the buyers. Hunter might have thought they were trying to win favor by buying Hunter’s artwork.

Although I said “brief”, there are so many things you can do with it…

But, going back to Hunter’s Chinese business dealings which RedState wrote extensively about — and I mean extensively. The New York Post reported Hunter had an FBI mole codenamed “One Eye”, who he used to tip off to probes into his Chinese business associates. Gal Luft (an Israeli energy expert) was arrested in Cyprus for gunrunning.

We noted:

Luft’s legal department claims that information regarding Joe Biden, Hunter Biden, and Jim Biden was given to the FBI by Luft in 2019. Thibault later resigned for concealing evidence for political reasons.

Per this latest…err..eye-opening revelation from the Post:

Luft hosted international energy conference from 2015 to 2018, in partnership with Ho’s think-tank the non-profit China Energy Fund Committee USA (CEFC USA), that is a front organisation for Ye’s CEFC.

Ye said Luft Hunter was an informant at FBI. “Or formerly of that bureau. They paid lots to [provide] law enforcement information seal.”

The FBI mole was also known as “One Eye.” ”

Hunter and his Chinese business associates weren’t helped by “One Eye”, regardless of who he might be.

Ye was informed by “One Eye” that the Southern District of New York was looking into him/or Ho late 2017. He said that an Asian man, an African man and a Jewish person were all included in the sealed indictment.

Ye offered Hunter $1million as his “private counsel” and flew to China, leaving behind his child, wife, and mother. A $50 million penthouse was also bought in 15 Central Park West.

He was then taken into Shanghai custody three months later and then disappeared.

Ye told Ho, before he left New York, that the coast was clear.

Ho flew from Hong Kong to JFK Airport in November 2017 and was later arrested by FBI agents on charges of bribery and money laundering.

Henoch said, “Ho was the patsy…the fallen guy.” ”

Ho was convicted of using foreign bribery to obtain contracts for China’s Belt and Road Initiative.

Hunter was paid $1 million by CEFC to represent Ho. The process involved Ho contacting FBI contacts on his behalf and engaging another attorney for the legal work. Hunter received confirmation emails from his FBI contacts, according to emails he sent.

These payments were in addition to the almost $5 million Hunter and Jim Biden each received in 2017 and 2018. The $1.3 million Rob Walker, Jill Biden’s personal assistant, made to Biden family members (including Hunter, Jim, and Hallie), as well as to a fourth mystery Biden, was $1.3 million.

Does Luft have a point? Given what we know about Hunter’s exploits, it’s difficult to dismiss the accusation.