TPUSA Announces Launch of Dream City Christian School in Phoenix


Turning Point USA (TPUSA), a 501c(3) nonprofit organization, announced Wednesday that a new school has opened in Phoenix, Arizona. It’s called Dream City Christian School, a Turning Point Academy.

The launch was tweeted by TPUSA. The launch was also highlighted by a short video.

Tweet: “In collaboration with Dream City Christian Turning Point Academy shall house over 600 students. This academy will be a hub for the development of a new generation of patriotic, principled, well-educated leaders. ”

This video shows examples of the problems that plague public education today. The video also features Charlie Kirk, the founder, and CEO of TPUSA. He says, “Young students need a safety refuge — a school that reinforces the American, biblical principles you already teach at home. ”

To coincide with the announcement, TPUSA issued the following press release. It states that the school will be a brick and mortar school that can accommodate 600 students and that it will offer extracurricular learning opportunities as well as competitive sports.

1. To not let the truth influence you and to encourage students to exercise self-government and freedom.

2. We will not accept CRT, postmodernism, “Wokeism”, queer theories, and anti-American ideas such as the 1619 Project or other radical LGBT agendas.

3. We oppose grade inflation and the elimination or reduction of honors or advanced placement. Students should be prepared to work in difficult environments and develop character.

4. We believe all people are created equally by God’s promises. Character is what makes us human.

5. We are creating a new generation of leaders. Next-generation should be able to defend the weak, preserve the good, and forge the next generation.

6 We will instill gratitude and pride in a nation that often is not grateful to have the chance to live here. This will allow us to share our honest history which acknowledges our heroes as well as our mistakes.

Here is the link for the TPUSA Academy Launch: TPUSA-Academy-Launch-06062022-2

The Academy’s homepage highlights all the opportunities and programs that are available.

  • Pre-School
  • High-Level Academics
  • Motivational Chapel
  • Athletics
  • Fine Arts
  • STEMS (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics, and Scripture).
  • Dual Enrollment
  • CTE (“Dream City Christian”) is a program that aims to unite academics and careers in a positive partnership. It aims to unify both by providing innovative leadership and career development programs.
  • International Program

School starts for the Academy in August of this year. The idea is that this “will be the first in a network of private schools, the collaboration hopes to launch in the coming years.”